Delicious Pizza-Inspired Recipes

1. Crock pot pizza casserole. Real Housemoms shows you how to make a casserole that tastes just like your favourite meal but will be ready to eat by the time you get home from work at the end of the day. Crock pot recipes are perfect for busy days that way, and this is a cheaper option than ordering a pizza!


2. Pizza nachos


Do you love nachos and pizza, but have trouble picking between the two? Well, thanks to Real Housemoms, you don’t have to choose! These nacho chips are smothered in cheese and tomato sauce and dotted with little pepperoni slices.

3. Buffalo chicken pizza bites


Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy your favourite good in a bite-sized version, especially at a party when you’re trying to socialize! Real Housemoms shows you how to make appetizer pizza bites with a buffalo chicken kick that makes them taste even better than just the classic ingredients.

4. Pear apricot and Gorgonzola pizza


Do you love making gourmet versions of your favourite meals? If so, you’re going to love this pear apricot and Gorgonzola pizza by Real Housemoms. It tastes like something you might get at a classy restaurant or a gourmet food festival, but you can make it right at home!

5. Roasted fall vegetable and ricotta pizza


Delish shows you how to make a homemade pizza topped with deliciously creamy ricotta cheese and flavourful seasonal vegetables that are particularly ripe and ready in the fall. This pizza is completely vegetarian and a little healthier than usual!

6. Pizza bread


You’ve probably had cheese smothered pizza buns before, but have you ever had an actual bread made with pizza ingredients? This recipe by Inspired by Charm tastes just like the best quality takeout pizza pie, but with a texture like delicious, fluffy homemade bread.

7. Shrimp caprese pizza


Are you a seafood lover? This shrimp pizza recipe by Pink Parsley is the one for you! It’s got creamy cheese, tomatoes, and delicious little shrimp all over the place. Our stomachs are rumbling just thinking about it.

8. Roasted garlic chicken


Chicken pizza isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly for us! If you’re a big fan too, then you simply must take a look at this garlic chicken pizza recipe by The Best Blog Recipes. We love that it features a creamy white sauce in place of traditional tomato sauce.

9. Garlic bread pizza


What’s better than pizza with a side of garlic bread? Pizza garlic bread, of course! We’re so happy that Amanda’s Cookin’ thought of this delicious idea!

10. Mac and cheese pizza


This recipe might look a little crazy, but we promise you read that right! Mac and cheese pizza is a real thing and we’re very into the idea. Check out how it’s made on Cafe Mom.

11. BLT breakfast pizza


Do you eat pizza for breakfast as a guilty pleasure sometimes? Well, it’s time to eliminate the “guilty” part of that sentence! This recipe by Betty Crocker is an actual breakfast pizza that has all the goodness of your favourite dinner, but with a breakfast twist.

12. Pulled pork on pizza buns


This recipe looks a little more like a messy sandwich than a pizza-inspired dish, but it’s all in the bread! Neo-Homesteading shows you how to make a unique pulled pork sandwich that tastes like a deliciously barbecued slice.

13. Grown up pizza wraps


You’ve probably made your kids little pizza wraps with tomato sauce, grated cheese, and pepperoni slices and those are great! Most adults, however, have a taste for something a little more flavourful. If that’s you, try this “grown-up” wrap by Menu Musings that’s full of extra delicious ingredients.

14. Pizza cones


Sometimes a bit of novelty is fun! These little pizza cones are an awesome way to shake up your favourite recipe while still enjoying the classic taste you love most. Check out how to create the right shape on Pillsbury!

15. Pizza stuffed shells


This recipe by Plain Chicken shows you how to build a tiny mock pizza inside a big, shell-shaped pasta noodle! Each bite gives you a burst of cheesy pizza flavour on a fork!

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