Delicious S’mores Desserts

1. S’more truffles


This bite-sized recipe by High Heels and Grills makes your favourite delicious taste especially easy to eat.

2. Peanut butter s’more bars


Have you ever felt like your s’mores could use a little extra kick of flavour and sweetness? Try Parade‘s delicious peanut butter s’more bar recipe to get just that!

3. S’more donuts


Buns in My Oven shows you how to mash up your favourite s’more flavour with another classically delicious treat: donuts!

4. S’more stuffed French toast


Can you think of anything more decadent than warm chocolate and marshmallow in the centre of a sweet slice of French toast? We sure can’t! Check out the recipe on BS in the Kitchen.

5. Triple chocolate s’more bark


Some people prefer their s’mores to have a little crunch. A Kitchen Addiction‘s recipe is perfect if that’s you!

6. Lemon meringue s’mores


Have you ever thought about making “s’mores”… that don’t taste like classic s’mores? Cooking Classy tried it with lemon and meringue instead of chocolate and marshmallow and the results were delicious!

7. S’more stuffed cookies


Did you try the s’more stuffed French toast for breakfast and then realize you can’t get enough of that warm, gooey filling? Try baking these s’more stuffed cookies from A Cookie Named Desire for an afternoon snack!

8. S’mores popcorn


Is a combination of sweet and salty the most satisfying treat for you? Erica’s Sweet Tooth shows you how to make s’mores popcorn that will give you everything you need in a snack!

9. Flaky s’more pizza triangles


Have you ever eaten delicious cheesy pizza triangles that flake when you bite down? I Wash, You Dry has a sweeter take on that idea, and it’s perfect for s’more lovers.

10. S’more pancakes


These sinfully sweet flapjacks are almost more of a dessert than a breakfast, but we’re certainly not upset about it! Get the recipe from Chocolate and Carrots.

11. Chocolate lover s’mores


If you like everything better when it’s chocolate flavoured, then you’ll absolutely adore Cooking Classy‘s chocolate s’mores!

12. S’more ice cream sandwiches


S’mores are usually a warm, gooey snack, but The Chic Site reminds you that it’s nice to switch things up sometimes! Check out their cool version that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day.

13. S’more cupcakes


Made to Be a Momma gives you yet another example of how mashing up classic treats can be an amazing idea! These s’more cupcakes will make you drool.

14. S’more milkshake


Drinks can be treats too! This delicious milkshake from A Spoonful of Flavour is the perfect way to treat yourself without ruining your appetite for dinner completely.

14. S’more sundae


If you love the idea of cold s’more flavour but you want something a little classier than an ice cream sandwich try this chocolate drizzled s’more sundae creation from Savory Simple!

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