Delicious Truffle Recipes

Check out these 15 mouthwatering truffle recipes in unique, scrumptious flavours that we’ve actually tried making in real life and gifted to our family members and loved ones time and time again.

1. Chili and chocolate

Is your favourite kind of chocolate one that has a little bit of an unconventional kick to it? Some people enjoy sweet and salty tastes together but if you’re craving something a little more spicy, try making these little homemade chili and chocolate truffles from Green Kitchen Stories! They’re a rich, pure dark chocolate covered in a light layer of chili powder for extra flavour.

2. Apple Cinnamon

Contrary to popular belief, not every truffle has to be chocolate based! Many of them are and we’re always big fans of those ones, but adding another flavour or a few special ingredients makes for something extra delicious. That’s why we love making these apple cinnamon truffles by Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles! They taste just like a delicious apple crumble, but bite-sized.

3. Mayan chocolate

Did you like the idea of making a chocolate truffle with a little extra bite, but dusting your treats with actual chili powder might be a little too much kick for you? Then try this Mayan chocolate truffle idea from Tasty Kitchen instead! In their coating, the spice is mixed with cocoa powder to make sure things stay sweet.

4. Chocolate chickpea

Perhaps you’ve been looking through this list hoping to find something made with healthier ingredients that will be diet-friendly for your friends who have to watch things like their sugar or dairy intake each day? Then we definitely think you should check out these chickpea truffles from Keep it In Kind! Making the chocolate with chickpeas gives things a deliciously rich texture.

5. Green Tea

For those loved ones who are completely obsessed with green tea and always enjoy a matcha latte more than just about anything, here’s a homemade truffle recipe that’s a little more unique! London Eats guides you through the process of making both the filling and the delicious green tea coating so you can give your loved ones something that’s truly gourmet tasting.

6. Reese’s Pieces chocolate chip cookie dough

Is the loved one you’re trying to make surprise treats for a child who’s always been enamoured with novelty candies that combine all different treats in one place? Well, if they’re also a huge fan of chocolate, peanut butter, and cookie dough, then we’ve found the ideal recipe for you! Tina’s Chic guides you through the process of making a truffle that involves not only all of the things we mentioned above, but also sprinkles and Reeses’s Pieces candies scattered across the top.

7. Apricot with pistachio and coconut

Maybe the person you’re trying to make treats for isn’t actually the biggest fan of very deep, rich flavours but you still think they’d love a box of bite sized truffles for their desk at the brand new job they’re celebrating? Then try making them this more tropical tasting version instead! Tales of a Kitchen shows you how to make truffles containing apricots, pistachio, and coconut all in one interesting combination.

8. Banana split

Are you still caught up with the idea of novelty truffle recipes that are a little different than what you might find in the average gourmet chocolate store, but the Reese’s Pieces recipe above was a little too much for your tastes? Then try something that’s still unique but slightly more classic! We’re huge fans of these banana split flavoured homemade truffles by Swatchbook Wedding. Besides being delicious, they’re completely adorable looking as well!

9. Carrot

Is the person you’re trying to make delicious homemade treats for more of a health nut than you and you’re looking for something that they’ll actually enjoy? Well, you’re in luck! Did you know that you can actually make truffles from vegetable ingredients rather than just chocolate and sugar? Girl Cooks World is here to show you how it’s done with carrots and introduce you to the fact that even healthy truffles can still be sweet and scrumptious.

10. White chocolate strawberry

Remember when we said there were lots of homemade truffle options out there for people who get too overwhelmed by rich milk and dark chocolate flavours? Well, here’s another one for your recipe arsenal that’s still sweet and delicious but errs on the side of fruity rather than rich. Check out how The Cupcake Theory made these white chocolate truffles filled with a delicious strawberry filling.

11. Chocolate hibiscus

Has your loved on always been intrigued with recipes that involve floral ingredients and flavours? Well, you’re in luck! Bake Noir has the perfect recipes for your cousin who always makes themselves lavender cocktails and rosewater cookies. Try these chocolate hibiscus truffles that have just the perfect light hint of floral flavours.

12. Orange creamsicle

Are you still looking for the perfect fruit flavoured truffle to give your loved one a refreshing treat that won’t make them thirsty immediately like dark chocolate truffles often do? Cooking Classy suggests making bite sized treats that taste like orange creamsicles instead! We love that they’ve kept things sweet by dusting the truffles lightly with icing sugar.

13. Key lime pie

As if the idea of key lime pie flavoured truffles wasn’t good enough in itself, Cookies and Cups shows you how to make a chewy delicious truffle that’s actually coated with a light dusting of the same kind of graham cracker crust that you’d find on an actual cheesecake or key lime pie! Your loved one will be able to enjoy the taste of their favourite dessert without the plate and fork.

14. Golden lemon

Are you still looking for that perfectly refreshing citrus flavoured truffle in place of the classic chocolate ones you’re used to seeing? Then check out these delicious lemon bites from Candiquik! They’re filled with a mouthwatering golden lemon cream filling and smothered in white chocolate and lemon drizzle.

15. Pecan pie

Speaking of bite sized treats that taste just like delicious pies, here’s an awesome alternative from Brit + Co. just in case key lime pie isn’t really your favourite! As long as your loved ones don’t have nut allergies, they’ll love the combination of rich, sweet chocolate with crunchy smashed pecans in a filling just like you’d find inside a pie or tart.

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