DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

Get ready to do a total makeover to your organizers, shower curtains, towel racks, shelves, bath rugs to wall art projects!

1. DIY Rotating Organizer


You don’t have to stack and pile all that bottles in a corner. You can make this rotating organizer instead and start organizing!

2. DIY Makeup Storage


Let us put a twist to that mainstream make-up organizers we have all seen.

3. DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder


Get rid of those tissue boxes and grab some mason jars! Let’s DIY some mason jar tissue holder!

4. DIY Mason Jar Organizer


Make-up brushes, cottons and cotton buds are some of the things these mason jar can help you organize with.

5. DIY Medicine Cabinet Organization


Have you a beautiful cloth you do not have a purpose for? Grab it and start beautifying that medicine kit!

6. DIY Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder


What a clean, neat and tidy way to store your toothbrushes!

7. DIY Mason Jar Storage with Knobs


This mason jar organizer idea is so handy dandy you’d easily fall in love.

8. DIY Towel Rack


I think we’d all agree that this one here is more than pretty! And if you are a girl, then you need to have this in your bathroom!

9. DIY Faux Floating Shelves


Can you easily make a floating shelf on your own? The answer is yes. yes darling, yes. 🙂

10. DIY Bathroom Magazine Rack


Hands up to you who’d prefer to read a magazine while doing your uhh.. you know.. — than facing your phones!

11. DIY Easy Peasy Shell Art


Add some breezy vibe to your room with this beach-inspired wall art.

12. DIY Leather Copper Cup Organizer


Not in for mason jar organizers? No problem! We give you this leather copper cup organizers!

13.DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce


Okay, so you love to add a touch of earthly colors to your bathroom theme. How about some rustic mason jar scone?

14. DIY Jewelry Holder


Dang!!! We all love this jewelry holder idea!

15. DIY Towel Hanger


Put a twist to that towel hanger! Who said you have to be conventional? Uh-uh.

16. DIY Wall Art


This green polka dot wall art will surely give you that fresh, invigorating morning feeling!

17. DIY Ladder Tutorial


Now this is one kind of a towel hanger you’ll adore!

18. DIY Long Shower Curtain With Pleated Ruffle Accents


If you want some puffly ruffly curtains to your bathroom, follow thi tutorial along!

19. DIY Whale Project


Kids love whales. But so does everybody and I bet you too! This whale wall art is a cute addition to your bathroom wall!

20. DIY Make It Shower Curtain


Can’t really find shower curtains that fits your aesthetics? Make your own with your very own choice of colors!

21. DIY Under Shelf Mason Jar Storage


If you run out of space, this undershelf mason jar organizer is the perfect solution.

22. DIY Bath Rug


We’d all agree that a comfy, puffy rug feels like heaven after a good bath. Now you can make your own through this tutorial.

23. DIY Color-Block Shower Curtain


You’ll surely love a colorful shower curtain that will brighten up your day.

24. DIY Chevron Burlap


If you love chevron, we give you this easy, cheap bathroom sign!

25. DIY Anthro Inspired Ruffle Shower Curtain


Do you love ruffles? Oh we do because ruffles rock! Learn how you can do your very own ruffled shower curtain here.

26. DIY Bathroom Canvas Art


Brighten up your day and have that loving vibe with this easy to pull-off canvas wall art!

27. DIY Flower Petal Shower Curtain


Do you love to sew? Perfect! We’ve got this flower petal shower curtain to keep you busy with!

28.DIY Crochet Rug From Old T-shirt


Have you got a lot of tees you don’t use anymore? Make good use of them with this crochet rug!

29. DIY Bathroom Wall Art


This lavender-inspired wall art will help you relax a lot from any negative vibes you got from the outside world.

30. DIY Braided T-shirt Rug


This multi-colored braided rug will make you feel at home!

31. DIY Patterned Bath Mat


Want to be original and make your own patterned rug? This one’s for you!

32. DIY Marbled Paper Art Using Nail Polish


A cheap, easy homemade art wall that will up that boring wall is something you just might need.

33. DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Rug


Another t-shirt rug idea for your bathroom comfort. Of course you can choose your own colors. 🙂

34. DIY Mason Jar Organizer


Let’s do chain-hanging-mason-jars to organize your stuff. They are pretty cool and badass too!

35. DIY Carpet Trapillo


Now you want to go crocheting a huge mat? Here is a step-by-step tutorial you’ll 100% enjoy and love!

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