DIY Flower Pot Using A Rim

To make this artistic and chic piece of outdoor decoration, you will need:

• an old rim;
• a can of black paint;
• broken pieces of tile;
• (optional) beads; • brown piece of felt;
• clay;
• fertile soil;

First, make sure you clean any rust off the wheel and prepare it for painting. Apply a nice coat of black pain on its entire surface. Next, take a small cutter on the (broken) pieces of tile and fashion them into little chunks which will go nicely in a pattern. When you are satisfied with the model you’ve prepared on the side move to the next step. Apply a layer of clay on the outside of the wheel. Before it begins to dry, place the tile pattern. After the pieces are lodged into position, meaning the clay has dried a bit, remove any excess with a wet cloth. Then, put the piece of felt inside the wheel, pour the soil and plant your flowers. When you think this was just an old wheel, it looks amazing!

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