DIY Phone Cases

1 Tie Phone Case


Tie Phone Case: Instead of giving your favorite guy a boring tie as a gift, use one to make a soft and cozy phone case. This DIY is easy to make and gives new life to a tie tucked in the back of his closet. And you can even pull off this project without a sewing (via Popsugar)

2 Knitted Phone Case


Knitted Phone Case (via The Mrs Makes)

3 Favorite Picture Phone Case


Favorite Picture Phone Case: Making your iPhone cool and unusual is simple! You wont need to apply much efforts or expensive supplies. You’ll need your favorite phone, the picture you (via Shelterness)

4 Peacock Feather Phone Case


Peacock Feather Phone Case: I love the way my iPhone looks without a case… I’m sure we all do. However, we know it’s completely impractical to carry an iPhone without a case save we drop (via …love Maegan)

5 Simple Leather Phone Case


Simple Leather Phone Case (via Tiny Sparkly Things)

6 Wood + Leather Phone Case with Pen Holder


Wood + Leather Phone Case with Pen Holder: I’ve been cursing myself the whole tonight not bringing home my MacBook power adapter so I left my work half done running out of battery. But then it gave me some “free” time to update something here on my home… (via Scription)

7 Phone Leather Wallet Case


Phone Leather Wallet Case (via Kojo Designs)

8 Photo Collage Phone Case


Photo Collage Phone Case: We spotted this triangle collage iPhone case from Free People a few days ago and debated spending the $14 on one. That was until we saw a plain white case at Five Below and got creative! Materials: Mod Podge, Scissors, a paintbrush, a blank iPhone case, magazine pages or wallpaper. 1. Trace the shape on the iPhone case onto the page or pattern you’d like to act as your background. Cut it out. 2. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the back of the case, then place your first piece of paper on top. Cover the paper and the case in another layer of Mod Podge. Use as much as you need, this stuff dries clear! 3. Cut out other shapes like triangles, hearts, faces, animals whatever! Keep Mod Podging them on until your iPhone case looks complete. Let dry! (via Calypso Letters)

9 Geometric Leather Case


Geometric Leather Case: I love to rotate my iPhone case often. I have a small collection and I’m always on the hunt for more. This week I tried my hand at making some. For the base I ordered several clear cases for $2 each (thanks, Amazon!). Be sure to get the correct size case for whatever your phone model is. Then I tried a couple different methods for giving them a DIY makeover…. (via A Beautiful Mess)

10 Repurposed Glitz Cases


Repurposed Glitz Cases: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

11 Map Cases


Map Cases (via Maps Blog)

12 Geometric Printable Templates


Geometric Printable Templates (via See That There)

13 Duct Tape Case


Duct Tape Case: A San Francisco based fashion blog that focuses on style and beauty for real women. (via Color Me Blue Fashion)

14 Pearl Phone Case


Pearl Phone Case (via Sydne Style)

15 Nautical Anchor Case


Nautical Anchor Case: Hello! I have today a super fun tutorial just for you my dear friends! How to give your phone case a new look in minutes! First check out my nautical phone case. Isn’t it fun? All you need is a phone cover, your Silhouette and some adhesive vinyl. You can find the vinyl HERE. Silhouette… (via 36th Avenue)

16 Stud Case


Stud Case (via I SPY DIY)

17 Herringbone Cell Phone Cover


Herringbone Cell Phone Cover: Washi tape! The endlessly editable, tantalizingly colorful way to decorate anything. (via Chronicle Books)

18 iPhone Pouch


iPhone Pouch (via Curiosity Etc)

19 Bejeweled Phone Case


Bejeweled Phone Case: Looking to add a little piazza to your life? This DIY Bejeweled Phone Case is the perfect way! Phone cases like this from a store will run you a pretty penny, or $50. You can make this one for $2. Its basically a no brainer! Here is what you will need: a plain black phone case (via A Little Craft in Your Day)

20 Studded Phone Case


Studded Phone Case (via Julie Ann Art)

21 Tapestry Phone Case


Tapestry Phone Case (via Always Rooney)

22 Decoden Phone Case


Decoden Phone Case: How to make a super easy decoden phone case! (via The Pink Samurai)

23 Pressed Flower Phone Case


Pressed Flower Phone Case (via The Etsy Blog)

24 Star Trek Spock Phone Case


Star Trek Spock Phone Case (via The Cheese Thief)

25 Marble Phone Case


Marble Phone Case (via stylestories ebay)

26 Floral Tattoo Phone Case


Floral Tattoo Phone Case: It was about time. My little phone was getting slow and after two years was struggling to keep up with my fast paced, all the social networks, snappy photos, making phone calls, sending texts, switching on needs. So I went out and got myself a brand new one that does all those things and so (via Fall for DIY)

27 Chevron Glitter DIY Phone Case


Chevron Glitter DIY Phone Case: I love changing out my phone case. I use it so much that it’s become a fashion accessory. Today I’ll show you how to make a chevron glitter DIY iPhone case! (via Crafts Unleashed)

28 Rainbow Button Phone Case


Felt Phone Case: A few simple stitches create a cute DIY felt phone case to hold more than just your phone. There’s room for credit cards, photo I.D. and even some cash! (via Everyday Dishes)

29 Felt Phone Case


Floral Bird Phone Case: Good morning! Today I’m sharing how to make your own iPhone case! I really love this DIY and have been using my case ever since I made it. You know how much I’m addicted to birds and floral so this i… (via Clouds of Colour)

30 Floral Bird Phone Case


Moleskin Book (via Wired)

31 Moleskin Book


DIY Nail Varnish Case: Last October I bought a beautiful Lauren Conrad limited edition iPhone case. It stayed nice and pretty stored with my jewelry until I actually got an iPhone in December. Sadly, the case didn’t last long once on my new phone. I’m a pretty clumsy person and dropped my case several times a week. The above is what You know you want to read the rest! Click here to continue reading… (via Rebecca Kelsey)

32 DIY Nail Varnish Case


Leather Envelope Phone Case: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

33 Leather Envelope Phone Case


Glass Glitter Phone Case (via Adventures in Fashion)

34 Glass Glitter Phone Case


Cardboard Candy Box Phone Case: How to turn a Good and Plenty box into a fun case for an iPhone (via Creative Upcycling & Mixed Media)

35 Cardboard Candy Box Phone Case


Best Friends Phone Cases:

Here’s a way to always stay connected with your best friend! Create “best friends” phone cases that only make a complete heart when you (via I Love to Create)

36 Best Friends Phone Cases


Fabric Case (via Boat People Boutique)

37 Fabric Case


Nail Polish Stripes Phone Case (via A Beautiful Mess)

38 Nail Polish Stripes Phone Case


Watercolor Phone Case (via B Soup)

39 Watercolor Phone Case


Neon Studded Case: After seeking out our favorite DIY iPhone cases, it was about time that we made our own. And when we spotted these new neon studs in our store, we knew they would be a great addition to a plain white phone case. Armed with our studs and some E3000 glue, we created this neon iPhone (via M&J Blog)

40 Neon Studded Case


Lace Phone Case (via Look What Melissa Made)

41 Lace Phone Case


Wool Felt Sleeve (via Poppytalk)

42 Wool Felt Sleeve


Tribal Print Phone Case (via Unexpected Expectations)

43 Tribal Print Phone Case


Phone Sock (via Average Girl’s Life)

44 Phone Sock


Phone Sock (via Average Girl’s Life)

45 Phone Case and Stand


Phone Case and Stand: Sew a DIY iPhone or iPod touch Case Stand! Free pattern for personal use. (via Made by Marzipan)

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