DIY Rainbow Crafts

All come with easy to follow step by step tutorials and are perfect for beginning and expert crafters alike. Have some fun this weekend and try out these cool crafts ideas, the best rainbow DIYs around.

1. DIY String Art Tutorial


Dying to get your hands on doing your very own piece of string art? This tutorial will walk you through the whole process and the things you need to make your own piece!

2. DIY Melted Crayon Pumpkin Craft


Drip art with a twist! Why not if you love to be unique? Check this tutorial out and be inspired how you can whip something as unique as you by clicking the link above!

3. DIY Heart String Art


Fall in love with this Heart String Art. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to forge something intricate like a heart string art! Click the link above for the full tutorial.

4. DIY Mason Jar Pen


A cute mason jar pen will surely vibe up your study table! This makes a perfect gift too! Click the link above for the full tutorial.

5. DIY Rainbow Shoes


A fan of sneakers? Check this rainbow shoes tutorial to give your pair of sneakers a whole make-over!

6. DIY Rainbow Watercolor Bagpack


A one-of-a-kind backpack? This rainbow bag tutorial will help you give your bag uniqueness and character! Being unique does not require you to be expensive! Click the link above for the full tutorial.

7. DIY Rainbow Abstract Art


Who needs to spend a bar of gold for an abstract portrait when you can make this rainbow abstract art from art materials you already have! Click the link above for the full tutorial!

8. DIY Colorful Outdoor Clock


How appealing is a rainbow outdoor clock? If you are one who’s into lovely  afternoon tea sessions at your garden, then you’ll definitely want to hang this artistic piece to your fence!

9. DIY Rainbow Centerpiece


Who can take their eyes off this set? This rainbow centerpiece is hard to resist!  Click the full tutorial to know how you can make your own.

10. DIY Rainbow Drip Mugs


This project is perfect for the creative types who loves collecting crafts from a pottery! Click the link above and be walked through how to make your very own!

11. DIY Crochet Rainbow Cup Cozy


Well this is handy isn’t it? A colorful, adorable, crochet cup cozies perfect for  a teen that’s always on the go! Click the link above to learn how you can make your very own!

12. DIY Bracelet


Exhibit your youth with this DIY rainbow bracelet you can make from materials you can find from a dollar store. Click the link for the full tutorial.

13. DIY Melted Crayon Art


This melted crayon art is all over the internet and people are loving them! This artwork is perfect for bringing a lifeless wall to life. You’ll be surprised how easy to do it is! Click the link above for the full tutorial!

14. DIY Rainbow Taper Candle Holder


Let’s admit it, somewhere in our hearts we find a little joy in lighting a candle and watching it melt at our heart’s content. Well? Do just that with this rainbow taper candle holder project! Click the link above for the full tutorial.

15. DIY Butterfly Crafts


Flicker some imagination with this DIY Butterfly crafts that will surely bring a lot of life to your room! Click the link for this and other butterfly project how-to’s.

16. DIY Dream Catcher Tutorials


You’ll probably miss a portion of your teenage life if you do not have a dream catcher. But if you are wondering where to find one, no need to treasure hunt as you can make your very own, customized dream catcher! Hit the link above the image to know how!

17. DIY Origami Chest of Drawers


An organizer for little things like art or sewing materials? This origami chest of drawers is perfect for you! The link above this image will instruct you how to.

18. DIY Rainbow Cloud


If you love rainbows, you probably adore clouds too! Bring your favorites together in this wall decorative that will not only exhibit your love for the vibrant colors of the rainbow, but will also signify your fondness of the clouds! Click the link above for the full tutorial.

19. DIY Rainbow Shaving Marbled Art


Have a blast making this rainbow shaving marbled art! It’s super easy to do and super fun too! Click the link above for the full tutorial, as well a a video to show you ho it is done.

20. DIY Rainbow Pillow


Doesn’t this bright rainbow pillow it represent all seasons for you? I know right? If you want to know how to whip this all-season-rainbow-colored pillow, click the link above!

21. DIY Rainbow Perler Bead Key Chain


How adorable is this cute and simple rainbow perler bead? Add this to your collection of rainbow items by making your own! Click the link above to know how.

22. DIY Rainbow Gumball Necklace


Who’d dare wear this rainbow gumball necklace without being happy? NO ONE! So if you want to pass on that positive vibe onto everyone, this necklace is your perfect companion! Click the link above for the easy how-to.

23. DIY Solid Granny Square


A bright, colorful, fun crochet granny square perfect for blankets, throws, bags, cushions or mats will probably leave you wanting to create a rainbow themed room, kitchen or living room! Click the link above for the full tutorial.

24. DIY Rainbow Origami Stars


If you ever feel gloomy, this jar of rainbow origami stars will surely lighten your mood up! It’s super easy and simple to do! Click the link above to know how you can fill your own jar of colorful origami starlets!

25. DIY Rainbow Socks


If you looovvveee rainbows as much then I’m guessing you badly want to have a pair of these leggings! Well it’s super easy to have one! Just click the link above the image and you’ll be walked through the whole process. Simple!

26. DIY Kusadama Flower


This Japanese inspired origami artwork is an excellent past-time activity! Not only that, you will be soothed and amazed by how beautiful the finish products are! Click the link above for a step-by-step how to.

27. DIY Washi Tape Organizers


Washi tapes! So trendy these days! — and for some good reason: they are an excellent art material that would transform your artwork into one magnificent piece just like these washi tape organizers we have here! Learn what box has been used to create these organizers by clicking the link above!

28. DIY Folded Paper Garland


Want a super easy artwork to brighten up any space at home? Check out this folder paper garland you’ll surely adore!

29. DIY Colorful Book Covers


Thinking of a unique, colorful and fun cover to your books? Try this out! Click the link below to know how you can personalize your own book covers!

30. DIY Rainbow in a Jar


How amusing is a rainbow in a jar? This time – with the magical colors of colored chalks! Perfect for decorations anywhere in the house! Click the link above for the tutorial.

31. DIY Rainbow Mobile


How fun is this rainbow mobile that looks like thunderbolts dropping from a cloud? If you ever get stuck at home on a rainy day, this project will keep you busy for a while! Hit the link above for an easy how-to.

32. DIY Rainbow Bright Paper Lantern


I have always adored lanterns from since when I was a little kid. It reminds me of beautiful summer nights when I am visiting the parks with my cousins, and fancy nature-themed restaurants that love to put a lot of lanterns on a tree. This rainbow paper lantern will surely bring all the lovely vibe into your own space! Check out the link above for the tutorial!

33. DIY Rainbow Paper


Wondering how rainbow papers work? Well, you might as well become a scientist for a moment and try making one of your own! Click the link above to know how!

34. DIY Rainbow Glitter Vase


If you are the kind that loves sparkle A LOT, then this project is for you! This Martha Stewart sparkle glitter vase is super easy to do! Check this out by clicking the link above!

35. DIY Diamond Stitch Crochet Pattern


If you are one to crochet, then you’ll surely love this unique diamond stitch crochet pattern! Perfect for winter and perfect for presents! Click the link for the full tutorial!

36. DIY No-Sew DIY Felt Scalloped Pillow


A no-sew scalloped pillow! Yes! NO-SEW! Isn’t it fascinating? And guess what! Making one is as easy as 1-2-3! Click the link above for the full how-to!

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