DIY Space Saving Corner Twin Beds Set

As we know most parents just place the two beds parallel against opposite walls in the rooms, leaving the space between the two beds empty.

But this innovative bed design connects the two twin beds with a corner unit, releasing more space for the room and improving the interior design.

Also, there is a lot of storage built in the bed or the corner unit, The top of the corner base is large enough for light, laptops and more.

You can even personalize the corner unit by adding a practical hutch to it. In this way, you can improve the storage capabilities of the corner unit even more. 

Check out the complete plans from links in the below , you will love this DIY Space Saving Corner Twin Beds Set.

Corner Hutch tutorial

Twin Storage Captain Bed tutorial

Or Buy Twin Beds directly:Twin Bed 1/ Twin Bed 2

For more detailed dimensions and instructions, you can reach ana white below:

Ana White – Capatain bed & Corner Hutch & Corner Unit

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