Fantastic Old Tire DIY Ideas

Who knew you could make and do so much with old car tires!

We’ve searched the web to find the best things you can make with old tires from swings to tables and gardening tools to a child’s rocker.

So next time you change your tire, don’t discard of all the old one and instead check out all these amazing things you can do with them.

Tire Planter – Need a new was of planting your favorite shrubs and flowers? Well this inventive way is long lasting and really brightens up the look of any garden.

Tire Rocker Toy – This brilliant kids toy is durable, water proof and kid proof, plus it won’t break the bank either.

DIY Tire Table – This funky table would look great in anyone’s living room.

Bicycle Rack – This just proves old tires can be put to practical use and be used as a bike rack.

Tire Trugs – These handy baskets are simple to make an can be a helpful hand to any keen gardener.

Children’s Play Area Made From Tire – You can totally make an ugly tire into something stunning and enjoyable for kids.

Old Fashioned Tire Swing – If you have kids, an olf tire and a big tree in the garden, then you have no excuses not to make this great swing.

Old Tire Sandpit – This colourful sandpit, would make a great play sand pit for any child.

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