Why This Guy Is Pouring A Blue Liquid On A Diaper? Take A Look!

Diapers are brilliant at absorbing liquid (which probably isn’t surprising, considering what they were invented for), but what is surprising is just how many ways you can use the absorbent crystals inside.

One of these things is making DIY ice gel packs, perfect for when you need an instant cheap ice pack! Another great way to use diapers is for a super absorbent soil gel which allows plants to last twice as long without being watered! (NOTE: In the video the creator calls this a non-toxic addition to your garden, but there are toxins in disposable diapers, so if you practice organic gardening, this is not for you)

Below is a video which details how to make this ingenious gardening gel…why not take a look, you will be astonished at the results!

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