How To Prep Your House For Winter

From making life more comfortable to preventing big maintenance issues and avoiding emergency call fees, taking time to prep your home for winter can make a big difference. Here’s where to start.

1. Consider and repair air leaks around widows

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2. Clean and store rain barrels

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3. Add extra insulation in the attic

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4. Prepare your fireplace against drafts

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5. Create winter thermostat schedules


6. Ask a neighbour to stop by if you go on vacation

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7. Insulate your pipes with foam

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8. Collect and chop firewood in advance

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9. Change your air filters

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10. Consider electric heaters

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11. Consider a diffuser or air humidifier

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12. Clean the gutters before the snow comes

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13. Test your smoke alarm

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14. Aerate and apply winter fertilizer to your lawn

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15. Stock up canned food for emergency weather

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