How to Reuse Vinyl Records

1 Vintage Cake Plate


Vintage Cake Plate (via Oh Happy Day)

2 Record Bag


Record Bag (via Andi B. Goode)

3 Vinyl LP Coaster


Vinyl LP Coaster: These are by no means an original idea. I saw them on all sorts of websites when shopping for unique Christmas gifts. However, $20-45 for six or eight coasters seems like a bit much. For the same investment [for the hole saw], you can make these guys by the thousands, and by picking out your own LPs, you can select from the choicest of colors and label designs.And while you’re feeling LP-tastic, check this out!Supplies:12 vinyl albums (raid the 25 bin!)Electric drill or drill press Bi-Metal Hole Saw (I already had a 4 1/4 saw, but if you’re buying new, go… (via Curbly)

4 Vinyl Record Wine Rack


Vinyl Record Wine Rack: This past weekend was chock-full of fun crafts for me to do! More like ones I have had the supplies for, but have been putting off for a while. Guilty. Anyway, my roommates were out of town, so it was the perfect time to try out some crafts! I waited because I was warned this (via The Pinterest Diaries)

5 Record Sleeve Bunting


Record Sleeve Bunting (via Oh Happy Day)

6 Record Wall


Record Wall: Our playroom makeover is coming along nicely, and I’m having so much fun coming up with unique art to complete the space! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peak of today’s project while I was speed shopping through a 3 story antique warehouse with a hungry 3 year old in tow! (via Love Grows Wild)

7 Vinyl Record Earring Holder


Vinyl Record Earring Holder: Convert an old LP record into a cool, vintage earring holder that is functional as well as creative. (via Craftbits)

8 Vinyl Record Magazine Holder


Vinyl Record Magazine Holder (via Morena’s Corner)

9 Record Magazine Rack


Record Magazine Rack: How to make a magazine holder out of vinyl records. (via Mary’s Making)

10 Vinyl Record Guitar Holder


Vinyl Record Guitar Holder (via Roots and Wings Co.)

11 Vinyl Record Notebook


Vinyl Record Notebook (via Stars for Streetlights)

12 Vinyl Record Table


Vinyl Record Table: An oh-so-easy upcycled furniture tutorial on how to make a neat little side table using a vintage record! Week 2 in a series of posts called the “Hack Challenge” on The Flourishing Abode (via The Flourishing Abode)

13 Vinyl Record Clock


Vinyl Record Clock: I have been on the lookout for a wall clock for a while but haven’t been able to find one I really liked. They’re all too loud, too big, too small, too crazy or too boring. I had my hand on a $3 clock in resignation when I spotted a wall full of old records for $1 and had an idea. How easy would it be to turn an LP into a clock? Here’s how it played out: (via Apartment Therapy)

14 Vinyl Butterflies


Vinyl Butterflies: Our newest moodboard Set Free showcases our awesomely handmade vinyl butterflies. Here’s how these butterflies transformed from old vinyl records. (via Threadsence)

15 Record Bracelet


Record Bracelet: A few years ago I participated in a Trash to Treasure craft fair at which I showcased my bottle cap creations (Who knew bottle cap earrings would be such a big hit?). I noticed a vendor selling bowls made from records and since then I’ve wanted to try to make the infamous record bowl. THEN, (via A Smith of All Trades)

16 Broken Record Ombre Wall Art


Broken Record Ombre Wall Art: Whenever I go thrift store hunting I always run into this sad stack of discarded albums. Theyre scratched, cracked, or a slew of easy listening, Barbara (via Tattooed Martha)

17 Vinyl Record Purse


Vinyl Record Purse (via Stars for Streetlights)

18 Vinyl Record Bowl


Vinyl Record Bowl (via Stars for Streetlights)

19 Vinyl Dessert Stand


Vinyl Dessert Stand (via Instructables)

20 Record Bookends


Record Bookends (via Treetrunkwise)

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