The Most Innovative & Beautiful Tiny Homes You’ll Ever See

Tiny houses are really popular right now. Whether it’s your mission to live off the grid, travel around the country or simply build you own humble abode, there are tonns of options and styles you could choose from.

We have collected our most favorite tiny house projects which all offer something different! From ingenious room configurations to impossibly beautiful settings, these tiny house tours will make you jelous, envious and inspired!

Take a look below…

Tiny House In A Tree

Built around 4 huge 30 ft maple trees, this tiny tree house in Vermont has all the luxury you need for a forest get-away with the most spectacular view which can be enjoyed on a little porch!

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Stunning DIY Wagon Tiny Home

This guy built a super cute wagon by scratch! Not only has it got incredible attention to detail, the craftsmanship that went into this project is something to be inspired by!

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 Tiny House Made From Thousands Of Glass Bottles

Considered trash to most people, glass bottles are actually an incredible building material! They are readily available, come in all shapes and sizes and let huge amounts of light in. So why wouldn’t you build a tiny house made entirely of them?

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 Eco-Friendly, Off-The-Grid Caravan

Built with naturally sourced and recycled materials this off the grid cabin can be used for long term road trips. It offers freedom, comfort and style! What’s not to like?

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 Mushroom House In Forest

This tiny house may resemble a giant mushroom, but there is so much more to this tiny house than meets the eye! Inside the the interior is breathtaking, it’s nicer than most peoples homes! Nestled in beautiful surroundings, the owner is lucky to call this spectacular house a home!

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 200-Ft² Tiny House Built Single-Handedly

What an achievement to build your own home! Well this lady did exactly that and created an airy, bright space, which offers loads of living space and storage! The inside is so clever!

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 A Tiny Magical Tree-House

A tiny house needn’t be just for living, what these grandparents built for their grandkids is so special! This tiny house is literally every kids dream, perfect for playtime, this would keep the little ones entertained for hours!

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 This Quaint Tiny House May Look Small But Inside It Packs A BIG Punch!

Some people may be daunted by a huge project like building your own home. This is why some companies offer to build the construction off site and put the pieces together onsite! This tiny house looks small but offers everything any person would need and more!

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 Old Shipping Container Into An Incredible Cabin In The Woods!

Camping in the woods just got a whole new meaning with this super cute but trendy shipping container conversion! People are turning simple shipping containers into fabulous homes everyday! This particular one is by far one the best transformations I have seen!

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 Tiny Camper With 5 Rooms In 1!

These adorable campers have been designed with style, practicality and versatility in mind! Not only can these campers be changed into many living scenarios, the pure brilliance it can be transported to almost anywhere with total ease!

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