Old DIY Wine Barrels

Old wine barrels may not seem like they would be a stylish addition to your home but don’t be fooled!

With a little bit of creativity and these 14 inspirational ideas, you can transform an old barrel into a variety of beautiful home projects. This list has got everything from outdoor planters, to umbrella stands and even a rocking chair… all with their own rustic charm and all easy to make!

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Turn A Wine Barrel Into A Sink – Impress everyone with this DIY wine barrel sink project! Functional and decorative, it’s the perfect addition to your garden.

Make A Wine Barrel Lazy Susan – Easy to make and stylish to look at, this lazy susan will have you all in a spin!

Recycled Wine Barrel Planter – This beautiful planter will be the talking point among all of your guests…they’ll never believe that you made it with your own bare hands!

Wine Barrel Table – Barely any effort is required for this rustic DIY table…little work, maximum reward!

How To Make A Wine Barrel Cooler – Another great way of reusing an old barrel is to to turn it into an ice chest. It already has a great shape, all you have to do is fill it with booze!

Make A Dog Bed From A Barrel – Treat your pet pooch to a luxurious new barrel bed so they can seep in style!

DIY Umbrella Stand – Make sure that your umbrella is secure this Summer with a sturdy wine barrel stand.

Convert A Wine Barrel Into A Cabinet – Follow these quick and easy steps to transform your old wine barrel into a cabinet. It’s a creative way to hide all your drinkables and makes great storage for wine glasses and beverages.

DIY Rocking Chair – Sit back and be rocked to relaxation by this creative wine barrel chair!

Make A Wine Barrel Tray – Perfect for both foodies and wine connoisseurs alike, this chic tray makes a fantastic gift…if you can bring yourself to part with it that is!

DIY Wine Barrel Mirror – Looking for a fun and unique mirror? This budget friendly project will bring a contemporary feel to any room and you wont have to spend a fortune to make it!

Barrel Wine Rack – Give your wine the home that it deserves and keep it in this amazing barrel rack. Hand crafted and full of character, it’s a must-have!

DIY Circle Shelf – Brighten up your walls and create a beautiful focal feature with this easy circle shelf DIY.

Whisky Barrel Fire Pit Tutorial – No backyard party would be complete without a fire pit! Rather than buy an expensive one from the store, why not have a go at making your own?

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