Small Kitchen DIY Organization Tips

1 Burlap Coffee Canister


Burlap Coffee Canister (via Lately with Katie)

2 Pegboard Pot Organizer


Pegboard Pot Organizer (via Rice Designs)

3 Soda Box Soup Can Storage


Soda Box Soup Can Storage (via Then She Made…)

4 Utilize the Sides of Your Cabinets


Utilize the Sides of Your Cabinets: I make things. Then I tell you how to make them too, minus the mistakes. And I collect links like they are going out of style. (via Not Martha)

5 Kitchen Sink Storage Trays


Kitchen Sink Storage Trays: Build these handy undersink roll-out trays in a weekend. You can tackle this project with simple carpentry tools and some careful measuring. You can make all the trays in an afternoon using building products from your local home center or hardware store for as little as $80. (via Family Handyman)

6 Silverware Mason Jars


Silverware Mason Jars: I have a smaller kitchen but it may be I have a shortage of space in my kitchen. Of course, that’s probably because I feel like I need one of everything kitchen related and I need somewhere to store my cooking obsession hardware. With that said, Ive been coming up with clever ways to organize […] (via Clever Pink Pirate)

7 Mason Jar Spice Containers


Mason Jar Spice Containers: Simple DIY spice jars, using small canning jars, chalkboard spray paint and a paint pen. (via Apples and Sparkle)

8 Mini Tins Kitchen Organizers


Mini Tins Kitchen Organizers: Magnetic Appeal: Turn Empty Spice Tins into Mini Kitchen Organizers. Make these cute kitchen helpers out of empty spice tins to spice up your space. With all the cooking that goes on in our household, were always stocking up on kitchen spices. Hungarian Paprika is an all-time favorite around here, Continue reading (via eHow)

9 Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack/Storage


Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack/Storage (via BluKatKraft)

10 Kitchen Pegboard


Kitchen Pegboard: My kitchen is tiny. I’m not complaining. It could be worse. My first apartment didn’t even have a kitchen, just a toaster oven on a counter.  Back when I was house shopping for my first home I really, really wanted to find something with a somewhat spacious kitchen. Turns out that a spacious kitchen didn’t really fit in my budget. I still love my house and my little kitchen… (via A Beautiful Mess)

11 Herb and Spice Jar Labels


Herb and Spice Jar Labels: These vintage farmhouse style labels are printable in both chalkboard or kraft paper design. Just download, edit and print. (via Lia Griffith)

12 Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer


Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer: I saw this idea over on the fabulous blog Restoration Beauty and was immediately inspired to try it on my own kitchen drawers! She made it look so easy, I had to try it for myself. You guys, this was [] (via Kevin & Amanda)

13 Under-Cabinet Drawers


Under-Cabinet Drawers: Gain extra storage space in the kitchen by installing toe-kick drawers under your base cabinets. Just assemble the drawer units in your shop, then slip them under the cabinets and screw them in place. (via Family Handyman)

14 Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator


Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator: If you’d like to find a spice rack to hold all of your different kinds of spices but, you don’t want to buy all new spices, here’s an idea that worked… (via Instructables)

15 Shoe Holder to Snack Holder


Shoe Holder to Snack Holder (via Money Saving Queen)

16 Canned Food Organizer


Canned Food Organizer: )

17 Organize Fruit with a Plant Stand


Organize Fruit with a Plant Stand (via Design Build Love)

18 Great Pantry Makeover


Great Pantry Makeover: Well, well well! I never thought I could love a pantry as much as I do now. Actually, I never thought I would even give the pantry a makeover. After all, its just a pantry. But boy oh boy, how life changing this pantry makeover was. Seriously. Let me first give props and a BIG (via Decor Chick)

19 Old Silver Tray Spice Holder


Old Silver Tray Spice Holder (via Mod Vintage Life)

20 Sponge Holder from a Shampoo Bottle


Sponge Holder from a Shampoo Bottle (via Revolutionaries)

21 Use Empty Wipe Container to Store Plastic Bags


Use Empty Wipe Container to Store Plastic Bags: an embellished grocery bag container. Whatever you reuse plastic bags for having a container full of them looks a heck of a lot better than stuffed in a drawer (via Tatertots and Jello)

22 Reuse Salt Pour Spout With Canning Jars


Reuse Salt Pour Spout With Canning Jars: When finished with an empty cardboard salt container, cut the whole round top piece off and measure to fit a canning jar ring. Trace and cut with the flat part with scissors to fit a pint canning jar. (via Thrifty Fun)

23 Safe Kitchen Knife Storage


Safe Kitchen Knife Storage (via Another Bright Idea)

24 Brown Paper Roll Grocery List


Brown Paper Roll Grocery List (via The Suels)

25 No Slip Dish Towels


No Slip Dish Towels: No-Slip Dish Towels and more on (via Martha Stewart)

26 Make a Tea Wreath


Make a Tea Wreath (via Kojo Designs)

27 Make a Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip


Make a Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip: A wall-mounted magnetic strip is the best way to store and organize kitchen knives, chisels, carving tools, and other sharp objects. It not only protects the sharpness of the tools and maintains their fine edges, but it keeps your hands safe while you’re storing the tools, and out of the way when you’re not using them. You can buy long magnetic strips at fancy kitchen stores, or even inexpensive steel ones at IKEA, but they just don’t look at refined as, well, this hidden magnetic option by Noah. It’s facade is all hardwood, but it boasts the magnetic strength… (via Man Made)

28 Turn Your Fridge Into a Spice Rack


Turn Your Fridge Into a Spice Rack (via Dav.i.son.)

29 Pot Lid Organizer


Pot Lid Organizer: Ask a chef about what s/he does with his/her pots…. a good one will say It’s not what you do with your pot, it’s where you put your lid! This is,… (via Instructables)

30 Make a Decorative Spice Rack


Make a Decorative Spice Rack: Add color to your kitchen and a little kick to your recipes. This DIY kit shows you how to make a decorative spice rack. (via DIY Network)

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