Super Fun Activities With Liquid Soap

Typically, we use liquid soap to wash our hands or dishes, but who knew it could be so much fun to play with? We’ve searched the internet to find some really incredible and fun projects that use liquid soap as an ingredient.

The results are a list of fun activities to make and of course, play with! The best part about using dish soap or liquid hand soap as an ingredient means that all liquid projects are non-staining and clean up is a snap!

Your kids are going to love these simple projects. So let’s get crafting!

Calming Suspended Beads Toy – This is a fantastic project to make for younger children, and one that can come in handy for situations in which your child is over stimulated or angry. watching the beads slowly tumble to the bottom of the bottle through soap is a relaxing alternative to time-out.

DIY Shower Jelly – This colorful project looks like really tasty Jell-O, but you definitely shouldn’t eat it. Whip up a batch of this fun jelly as an alternative to traditional liquid body soap. It’s super fun!

Simple Homemade Bubbles and Bubble Wand – Make your very own bubble solution and a wand to blow great big bubbles with only items you already have at home!

Pour A Rainbow In A Jar – This fun activity is both exciting and educational. Perfect for the older kids as you can teach them about the basics of density and how different liquids  have different weights!

DIY Window Clings – The problem with store bought window clings is that eventually, they don’t actually cling anymore. Instead of spending the money to purchase new ones, make your own with the kids. They’ll be much more meaningful over the years than store bought.

Homemade Window Frost – If you live in an area where you don’t see white Christmases, you can still find ways to make your holiday as festive as if you did. This homemade frost wipes off easily, since it’s made with liquid dish soap.

Rainbow Soap Foam Sensory Play – This is a great way to make a big, soapy, colorful playtime mess outdoors or in the bathtub. Be sure to use watercolors and not food coloring, as food coloring is not water soluble and will stain.

Bath Paint – Another great way to play with color in the bathtub! This bath paint means your little artist will get to create masterpieces even while getting squeaky clean. The soap base means you can easily clean it off to keep the bathroom nice and clean.

DIY Scratch Art – Make your own lovely scratch art with a few simple steps. Your kids will love this take on artwork.

Color Changing Milk Science Experiment – Use food dye, milk, and dish soap to create a simple science experiment that kids will definitely love. Just remember, food dye will stain, so be careful not to make a mess!

DIY Color Kinetic Sand – Love the moon sand and other varieties of moldable sand? It’s pretty expensive stuff, but you can make about 10 pounds of the fun stuff for only 50 cents!

Hurricane in a Jar – Hurricane season is here, so it’s a great time to each your kids about how hurricanes are formed and act. This simple project will help you demonstrate exactly that!

Squishy Marble Maze – A ziploc bag, marbles, soap, and paper dividers are all you’ll need to create this fun tabletop maze.

Bubble Dough – This goopy, stringy, stretchy, moldable substance is a heck of a lot of fun to play with, even if you don’t have kids. It’s also super easy to make and clean up!

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