Swesome Crocheted Christmas Hats

There’s something about Christmas, though, that really kicks our crocheted hat fever into high gear, especially if a pattern involves a fun holiday theme!

Check out these 15 awesome Christmas hats that will help you get into the festive spirit using just some wool and your crochet hook!

1. Preemie Santa hat by Charmed by Ewe


Do you often make projects for donation to the local hospital so that premature babies having small enough clothe to bundle up in during their stay and once they’ve been sent home? Well, you can always get festive there too! No parent with a brand new baby will be opposed to seeing their adorable bundle of joy donning a teeny, tiny Santa hat for some extra cheer during the holidays.

2. Simple baby Santa hat with matching diaper cover by Repeat Crafter Me


Whether you make it in preemie sizes or larger for older babies, this adorable matching Santa hat and diaper cover are probably the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. Besides looking absolutely darling once you’ve put them on, these pieces are also amusing for the person making them because they’re a good excuse to use a bit of novelty fun fur style yarn on the trim.

3. Long baby elf beanies by House Esperanza


This pattern shows you how to make adorable little elf hats with very long tales, more like the illustrations of elves that you might have seen in old children’s books or paintings rather than the little green pointed ones you’re familiar with from modern day Christmas ads in stores. Technically the pattern gives you sizing for babies, but if you’re very skilled, you might figure out how to make larger versions for your older children too since the design is so darn cute.

4. Snowman hat with pom poms by The Whoot


One of our favourite parts about being able to crochet is being able to so easily add some novelty to a design in terms of shape or detail. We love the way this snowman hat, for example, has both a face, complete with an orange carrot nose, and a plush hat on top. The pattern gives you kids size for some adorable festive warmth for your little ones, but also adult sizes for grown ups who are feeling silly in their Christmas spirit.

5. Elf hat with ears by Make & Do Crew


If you liked the long tailed elf hat design but you also kind of like making things for your kids that are a little sillier, since they’ll only really wear a Christmas hat once a year, then we think we’ve found exactly what you need. This design helps you not only make a cute long tailed hat, but it shows you how to add silly elf ears on either side that will sit right where your child’s ears are ticket under the hat’s brim!

6. Gingerbread person hats by Repeat Crafter Me


We love designs like this because they’re like two patterns in one, making them perfect for you and your kids if you have one girl and one boy. Transform them into matching little gingerbread kids, giving the girl a pretty red bow on hers, just like they might if they were icing and decorating gingerbread cookies.

7. Reindeer hat by Repeat Crafter Me


Are you an avid crochet enthusiast but you also like sewing and working with felt? Then we’ve found the perfect Christmas themed combination project for you! First you’ll knit up the base hat with the snout and ears, and then you’ll cut and sew the felt for the reindeer’s eyes and antlers, filling the antlers with a bit of stuffing so they stick up like the real thing when your child puts the hat on. Finally, a red button for a nose will make them look like Rudolph!

8. Snowman with a carrot and matching baby cocoon by The Whoot


Did you absolutely adore the snowman hat we showed you above but your child is still quite small and none of the sizes will fit their little head? Pom pom strings also aren’t very comfortable or safe for little babies to wear so, instead, we’ve found you this cute little snowman alternative! Besides the hat, the pattern also shows you how to crochet a simple, warm little baby cocoon complete buttons so that Baby looks like a tiny snowman from top to bottom.

9. Penguin hat by The Whoot


Are you loving the idea of Christmas themed baby hats but you’re not sure a snowman really fits your kid’s personality? Perhaps they’re more of an adorable little penguin instead! This penguin hat design, with its shiny little eyes and miniature beak, pulls at our heart strings already on its own, so just imagine how adorable it’ll look on your little one.

10. Elf hat with ears and bells by Crochet Spot


Just in case the other elf hat that also features elf ears isn’t a silly enough design for you, here’s an alternative that features bells too! This one comes in adult sizes so that, if you’re really feeling festive, you can make your entire family a set of hats and all transform into jingly little elves at once. Talk about funny family Christmas card material.

11. Grinch hat by Craft Drawer


Hat designs that involve a hat within the have always made us laugh and this funny little Grinch option is no exception. When your child puts this Grinch, with his crooked smile, on their head, it’s like a dual hat deal because the Grinch is also wearing a hat of his own! We love the bright colours this pattern uses, as well as the fluffy trim.

12. Christmas snowflake beanie by Ambassador Crochet


Maybe you’re looking for a festive hat design that’s a little less silly and a little more purely holiday spirited so that you can take cute family pictures for your annual card? Then this classic little snowflake design might be closer to what you had in mind. If you’re feeling very fancy, we think it would look gorgeous to had white, silver, or clear seed beads to the snowflake once you’re done with the crochet process!

13. Christmas ornament hat by Repeat Crafter Me


Speaking of designs that will look hilarious on your whole family together, or perhaps just your children and their cousins, here’s a design that will make everyone look like a cute Christmas ornament! Gather all around the tree and take some festive pictures that make each person really look like part of the holiday decor.

14. Oh Christmas Tree hat by Lizzziee


Okay, we lied, we’re not finished with the silly hat designs after all. How could we possibly resist putting this amazingly 3D feat of crocheting skill on our list? This hat is a great way to display your fancy crochet skills, help your kid stand out at their school’s holiday costume party, and it’s not a bad excuse to use some fun sparkly yarn either.

15. Christmas Scribble hat by Craftsy

Sometimes the real charm of a pattern is in the little details that you add after rather than in the hat design itself. A simple, clean stitching pattern can go a long way, and so can some easy yarn embroidery! That’s what caught our eye most about this cute little scribbled Christmas tree hat. We totally adore the idea of making a tree topper with little beads!

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