Tasty Snacks You Can Make In Minutes

We’ve assembled a list of tasty, easy snacks that will not only curb your cravings, they’ll ramp up your metabolism and help you slim down. Happy snacking!

Homemade Healthy Trail Mix – Skip the pre-made trail mix that you find at the gas station. These are often way too salty and way too sweet. Instead, assemble your own. You won’t miss the salt, and you can still add a little sweet too!

BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza – Pizza as a snack? You bet. This paleo, autoimmune friendly recipe has a chewy crust that’s packed with fiber and protein.

Homemade Beef Jerky – The beef jerky you buy at the grocery checkout lane is a little suspect, and purchasing healthy versions can be prohibitively expensive. Make your own and skip gross additives!

Black Bean Brownies – These decadent, healthy brownies are made with black beans–although you’d never guess! These are packed with protein, so you never have to feel guilty about snagging one of these for a quick snack!

Candied Green Tea Almonds – Green tea is a known metabolism booster. These tasty almonds are covered in matcha and baked to a lovely crisp.

Peanut Butter Honey Yogurt Dip – This dip is creamy and sweet, but won’t hurt your waistline. Use it for apples or other fruit.

Cucumber Bites With Herb Cream Cheese & Cherry Tomatoes – Fresh, creamy and absolutely delicious. These bite sized chunks of cucumber would make a great mid-afternoon snack to tide you over ’til dinner.

Yogurt-Covered Fruit Bites – These little drops are perfect for a quick snack, and are filled with antioxidants.

Chocolate-Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites – Nut butter is sandwiched between two slices of banana and dipped in yummy chocolate. It’s a great way to get a chocolate fix while also getting the benefits of healthy fruit and protein-rich almond butter.

Twisted Ants on a Log – This is an old favorite, but you can dress them up to get different flavor combinations.

Avocado Toast – This a great snack or breakfast option that’s packed with nutrients and protein.

Warm Pears with Cinnamon Ricotta – Pears are packed with fiber, and ricotta is rich in protein. Add cinnamon for a delightful flavor combination.

Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella on Garlic Toast Crackers – These are perfect for a light, satisfying snack or as an appetizer.

Air-Popped Spiced Popcorn – Air-popped popcorn is full of fiber, and you can actually eat a sizable portion, so you don’t feel deprived. Add some spice to it, like sriracha, to help pump up your metabolism.

Strawberry Mango Banana Smoothie – This sweet treat is deceptively full of protein to keep you satisfied longer. Plus you get all the goodies packed into the fruit.

White Bean and Herb Hummus – With crudites, this dip is sure to satisfy your mid-day cravings.

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