Tasty Valentine’s Day Treats

From passion-boosting pancakes, to romantic ravioli and sweet strawberry cookies, you can avoid the bustle of a restaurant this year and impress your partner with a special home cooked feast that’s easy to make and delicious to eat!

Browse through all 26 recipes and get yourself in the mood for food…

Perfect Heart Shaped Pancakes – Surprise your loved one as soon as they wake up with these tasty pancakes!

Chocolate Crepes With Strawberries – Filled with strawberries and cream, these delicious chocolate crepes are the best way to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls – You won’t want to revert back to the traditional round cinnamon rolls after having these heart shaped ones…they’re adorable!

Strawberry Shortcake – Fresh strawberries are spooned over freshly baked biscuits in this old fashioned shortcake recipe.

Valentine’s Day Egg In A Basket – Make your Valentines day memorable from start to end. Nothing says I love you like an extra special breakfast in bed.

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate – Luxuriously creamy, this recipe has got all the comfort of a regular hot chocolate but with a decadent, velvety twist. The vibrant color is beautiful to look at and, when topped with a dollop of whipped cream it becomes simply heavenly!

Mini Raspberry & White Chocolate Whoopie Pies – These decadent cookies are hard to resist! Sandwiched with a tart raspberry preserve, the flavor of the white chocolate is balanced out perfectly.

Sweet Cherry Chocolate Bombs – What do you get if you combine a rich cake pop recipe with juicy maraschino cherries? These yummy chocolate cherry bombs!

Pie Pops – Bring out the kid in you with these homemade pie pops…they pack a whole lot of flavor in one little pop! You can’t go wrong with a pie for dessert, and what’s cuter than putting it on a stick?

Homemade Gummi Hearts – With these simple steps, you too can make your own gummies!

Strawberry Cheesecake – A chocolate Graham cracker crust, a thick and creamy cheesecake layer and a sweet strawberry topping…if your partner didn’t love you before, they sure will after this!

Oreo Brownies – If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s day dessert then this is it! Super fudgy, rich and decadent, they are every sweet lovers dream…and the best thing is they only take moments to make!

Individual Chocolate Souffles – Making these chocolate souffles in individual portions means you don’t have to share!

Roasted Heart Potatoes – Great for a cozy and  intimate dinner with a loved one, these heart shaped roast potatoes will add elegance to any plate!

Valentine Ravioli – Cooking for a loved one is an impressive and romantic gesture…especially when you make something as tasty as this goats cheese and walnut stuffed ravioli.

Red Wine Pasta – Doesn’t red wine pasta sound very at-home-date-night to you?

Cranberry Kiss Mocktail – This delicious drink only requires four ingredients, all of which you’ll probably have in your pantry! You could always add a splash of booze if you wanted an adults-only drink!

Dessert Nachos – Make your chips a little sweeter with this fantastic recipe for dessert nachos and get Tex-mex with a twist! They’re messy, they’re gooey and they’re totally delicious…place them in the middle of the table and watch them disappear!

Red Velvet Cake – With its bright red color sharply contrasted by a cream cheese frosting, this red velvet cake will look dramatically impressive (as well as tempting!) on any dessert tray!

I Love You S’mores – Bring the campfire favorites into your home with these delicious s’more hearts. They’re quick and simple to make…five minutes is all you need to make them, toast them, and devour them in all their gooey goodness!

Chocolate Cherry Cordial Fudge – This easy fudge contains just four ingredients and tastes just like a chocolate covered cherry cordial.

Cinnamon Caramel White Chocolate Popcorn – Popcorn is addictive at the best of times, but this cinnamon caramel recipe is so insanely tasty that you won’t be able to stop eating it! Make a big batch, put on your favorite movie, snuggle down on the sofa with your partner and tuck in!

Rose Frosted Cupcakes – Create beautiful roses on top of your cupcakes for a show-stopping centerpiece to your Valentine’s day table.

Homemade Strawberry Oreo Cookies – What could be better than pink Oreo’s?

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Cake – Rich dark chocolate, pillowy marshmallow and a sweet raspberry buttercream combine in this cake to create a taste sensation!

Berries In Chocolate Bowls – Valentines and chocolate go hand in hand and this delicious treat is a fantastic way to have something a little different but just as sweet. Plus it’s filled with fresh berries…that make’s it healthy right?

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