Unique Ways to Display Photos

1 Chalkboard Wall


Chalkboard Wall (via I am Doe)

2 Gallery Wall


Gallery Wall: This is a very easy & fun tutorial on how to create a gallery wall for under $40. What you need to start MDF 8-8 x 8 squares 8-16 x 16 squares Check with your local hardware or wood supply store because some will actually cut the wood for you. Large Squares First What (via City Farmhouse)

3 Geometric Photo Display


Geometric Photo Display (via The Caldwell Project)

4 Wood Slice Display


Wood Slice Display: How to Transfer Ink to Wood. If simply framing your favorite photos doesn’t quite do them justice, try transferring your best prints onto wood. This creative display will showcase your picture perfect moments in a manner that’s worthy of their greatness. (via eHow)

5 Modern Travel Photo Display


Modern Travel Photo Display (via kristanlynn.com)

6 Canvas Photos


Canvas Photos: This was a tight budget project that gave me an expensive look of DIY canvas photos for less then $15 for the whole project! (That’s for five canvas photos!) (via The Budget Decorator)

7 Custom Art Canvas


Custom Art Canvas: Making art is as necessary as water for me. Getting my hands dirty and creating something from scratch brings life to my soul. Am I alone in this? […] (via Rachael Grace Photography)

8 Wood & Wire Photo Display


Wood & Wire Photo Display: Come see how to make a beautiful & simple DIY wood and wire art display (via Liz Marie Blog)

9 Photo Clipboards


Photo Clipboards: Looking for a unique way to display your favorite photos? Learn how to make these DIY Photo Clipboards to show off those gorgeous shots! You can also group them together to create a fun gallery wall! I’m checking off another item on my kitchen makeover list! Yay!! So far Ive finished a big, rustic chalkboard, (via Love Grows Wild)

10 Photo Clock


Photo Clock: Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3 Lets be honest: you’re only excited to look at a clock when you’re waiting for it signal the end of a long day. (via Photojojo)

11 Recycled Door Photo Gallery


Recycled Door Photo Gallery: We have been in our new house for over a year and up until now, our entry way wall has been a lonely, barren white wall. Its the first thing you see when you step inside our house. So, I (via Photog Mommie)

12 Picture Mobile


Picture Mobile (via Hey Wanderer)

13 Stylish Vintage Photo Frame


Stylish Vintage Photo Frame (via The Talia Christine Files)

14 Easy Photo Wall


Easy Photo Wall: DIY: Cheap and Easy Photo Wall (via The Creative Mama)

15 Baby Crib Springs Photo Wall


Baby Crib Springs Photo Wall: Are you looking for creative ways to decorate your walls and display numerous photos without making it look like your crazy great-aunts hallway? Now you c (via PetaPixel)

16 Tree Branch Display


Tree Branch Display: When Brenda Biondo saw our post on a salvaged ladder being used as a pot rack earlier this week, she thought we’d like her DIY photo display system. She was right. (via Apartment Therapy)

17 Embroidery Hoop Picture Display


Embroidery Hoop Picture Display: I have been neglecting my children.No, no, they get food and shelter and all that good stuff.Neglecting them in the art of displaying their pictures in frames kind of way.I am really good at taking pictures.I am really good at processing pi (via Natalme)

18 Homemade Photo Ladder


Homemade Photo Ladder (via Creative Ambitions)

19 Wooden Clips Photo Display


Wooden Clips Photo Display (via The House of Smiths)

20 Vintage Clothes Pin Frame


Vintage Clothes Pin Frame: This is an easy DIY vintage frame project. All you need is an old frame, photographs, ribbon, lace, or string, a stapler, and clothes pins. (via Look Between the Lines)

21 Fallen Tree Branch Photo Display


Fallen Tree Branch Photo Display: Well, what do you think? Kinda random? Kinda cool? Don’t mind my half-dressed kid. He’s still in that – “I’m potty trained but need to be able to pull down my pants ASAP so I don’t have an accident” phase :)Okay, so how I did this. It’s not an original idea, I saw something similar done several (via Brethurston)

22 Photo in Glass Bottles


Photo in Glass Bottles: Display Photos in Bottles | Use multiple vintage bottles in varying sizes and/or colors, with an assortment of your favorite photos tucked inside. How to directions. By Terry John Woods, Yankee Magazine (via Yankee)

23 Chalkboard Frame


Chalkboard Frame (via Simply Modern Mom)

24 Wall Picture Collage


Wall Picture Collage: Follow this tutorial to make your own Wall Picture Collage. (via Bits of Everything)

25 Cardboard Ring Frame


Cardboard Ring Frame: Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2 Silver dollars, vinyl LPs, Oreos — So many of the best things in life are circle-shaped. Isn’t it about time your picture (via Photojojo)

26 Mini Shadow Box Fridge Magnets


Mini Shadow Box Fridge Magnets: Today I am going to show you how to make an inexpensive, unique way to display your memories beyond the framed photo. You can make these mini shadow box fridge magnets to display vacation memories, remember special occasions, and more with a combination of photographs and small mementos! Here are the supplies you will need: 2 circle punch Round Aluminum Favor Tins Xyron Machine Heavy Duty Magnets E-6000 Adhesive Seed Beads (do a search for specific colors, there are tons!) Buttons, {Read More} (via Crafts Unleashed)

27 Scrap Wood Heart Collage


Scrap Wood Heart Collage: I’m getting closer and closer to having ONE room in this house that is completely and truly done!!!! I can’t wait for that day  Pip is really liking her desk hutch, but the project I am writing about today is one of her favorites for her room and it turned out a lot easier (via Pink Toes and Power Tools)

28 Ceramic Picture Tiles


Ceramic Picture Tiles: Modge Podge, $0.13 tiles, a printer, and your photos – magic for your walls that isn’t like anything you can buy in a store. (via Crunchy Betty)

29 Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase


Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase: I am a Lowes Creative Ideas Blogger and each month we are issued a project challenge…should we choose to accept it!For March, we were tasked with showing off Pantone’s Radiant Orchid paint by Vals (via Home Stories A to A)

30 PVC Pipe Memento Vase


PVC Pipe Memento Vase: You won’t believe this genius Mother’s Day craft idea – David makes a DIY vase out of PVC pipe! He added personalized images to make it the perfect gift. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

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