Wonderful Things To Make Out Of Old Bottles & Cartons

We all have old bottles hanging around, from milk cartons to water bottles we use them on a daily basis. So instead of just throwing them out once finished, why not make something new?

We have scoured the web and compiled this “mega list” sharing some of the most interesting ways to re-use and up-cycle old bottles from all kinds of materials.

Plastic Bottle Bowling For Kids – A great way to recycle and keep the kids entertained.

Plastic Bottle Toy Containers – These are so useful if your kids have lost the original boxes for their toys, a cool in-expensive way to store all sorts.

Colourful Water Bottle Game – A fun way to educate and play with your toddler. The colours will have them fascinated.

Juice Bottle Bug Catcher – A clever way to explore the garden and catch little creepy crawlies to have a better look and then put them back unharmed.

Lighthouse Bottle Lamp – This craft session can be made with children and would brighten up any dull rainy day.

Donald Duck Hoop Game – This fun game can be played by all ages and is a great way to encourage children to play outside rather than on computer games.

Bottle Print Painting – Why not use old bottle to make and create funky art with your children.

Piggy Bank Bottle – Re-use your old bottle to make a useful piggy bank – allowing you to save the pennies.

Milk Bottle Boat – Make story time fun and imaginative with this creative craft.

DIY Bottle Catching Game – This is a really cheap way to invent a fun game kids will love.

Easter Flower Bottles – These cute and spring like bottles have been up-cycled to look brand new and funky.

Spooky Container Jug Lights – If you are planning a scary themed party then this should be on your craft list must do!

Watering Can Bottle Makeover – Turn an un-wanted bottle into a very practical and money saving watering can.

Cute Bottle Vase– These super cute DIY vases, are so simple to make, they would make a great addition to any nursery.

Pencil Holders – A great colourful way to store pencils – making colouring time much more fun!

Re-usable Lunch Boxes – This is such a great way to use old bottles – a clever way to save money for things that matter most.

Milk Bottle Herb Garden –  These provide a really cheap alternative to store bought pots, a great way to improvise for free.

Milk Carton School Bus – A fun way to get crafty with your kids – cartons are a must have in your craft box – they are so versatile.

Milk Carton Lamps – A stylish way to up-cycle cartons into these beautiful lamps – a perfect addition to any room.

Bird House From A Bottle – Get closer to nature with these bird houses made from bottles – a great project for Spring.

Water Bottle Bubbles – A fun and exciting way to entertain kids – forget the over priced bubbles at the shops.

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