10+ Amazing DIY Lampshade Ideas

Here are the greatest DIY lampshade designs to help you dress up all of your lamps! Whether they are table lamps, floor lamps, or tabletop-mounted, hanging in a corner, or simply put over a nightstand or side table.

1. Use Twine to Create a Rustic Lampshade

2. Embellish with Lace Trim, Ribbon, and Burlap

Tutorial: dwellinginhappiness.com

3. Use a Gold Leaf Layer Inside of a Lampshade

Tutorial: craftthyme.com

4. Wrap Cross Stitched Embroidered Fabric around a Lampshade

Tutorial: sewingwithbobbinandfred.co.uk

5. Make a Slipcover for Your Lampshade

Tutorial: thehouseofsmiths.com

6. Create a Boho Chic Lamp

Tutorial: casawatkinsliving.com

7. Transform Your Lampshade Using Satin Finish Paint, Scrapbook Paper, and Pom Poms

Tutorial: uncommondesignsonline.com

10. Wrap a Sweater around a Lampshade

Source: andthenhome.com

11. Make a Shaded Lampshade

This DIY lampshade makeover idea teaches you how to dye your lampshade using a hair dye.

12. Use Yarn and Fabric Glue to Embellish a Lampshade

Tutorial: vintagerevivals.com

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