10 Awesome Reindeer Crafts

We have made a few Christmas ornaments and wanted to focus on non-ornament crafts, so we went in search of some Reindeer Kid Crafts and complied our top 10 favorites.

Wine Cork Reindeer

Wine corks have proven to be such a handy craft material! Just look at this cute little wine cork reindeer by Dannon K Collard!

Birch Wood Reindeer


Glitter Reindeer

A Night Owl

Log Reindeer

Designer Trapped!

Reindeer Ornament

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Reindeer Party Bags

Party Delights

Burlap Reindeer

Crafts Unleashed

Reindeer Finger Puppet  

Artsy Momma

Plush Reindeer

Twin Dragonfly

Candy Cane Reindeer

One Little Project

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