10 DIY Cool Seashell Jewelry Ideas

For making these bracelets we just need bead strings or jute strings and stick the shells onto them with the hot glue gun and simply tie a knot after wearing or we can also attach hooks. The hooks are optional and can give your piece a more finished look as compared to being without hooks.

Seashell Necklace:

Image: youtube

Seashell Pink Tassel Bracelet:

Image: pinterest

Beach Shell Hair Pins:

Image: polkadotchair, pinterest

Netted Stone Macrame Friendship Bracelet:

Image: cutoutandkeep

Shell Bracelets:

Image: saturatelife

Seashell Beaded Headband:

Image: howdidyoumakethis

Shell Necklace: DIY

Image: beadinggem, beadinggem

Sea Shell Earrings:

Image: instructables

Seashell Flower Necklace:

Image: momsandcrafters, etsy

Shell Crown Tutorial:

Image: youtube

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