12 Amazing Christmas Hairstyles Ideas

Whatever the occasion, we’ve compiled some of the best festive hairstyles that you can easily do yourself to really catapult yourself into the jingly jolly holiday.

1. Hair bow half updo


2. Triple braided bun

Camille Styles

3. Fabric maiden braid

A Beautiful Mess

4. Rudolph bun

Princess Piggies

5. Brigitte Bardot mermaid braid

Missy Sue

6. 4 strand braid with ribbon

Babes in Hairland

7. Embellished holiday bun

Princess Hairstyles 

8. Rope twist crown

Cute Girls Hairstyles.

9. Bow braid

You’re So Pretty 

10. Waterfall braid


11. Braids and hair jewelry

Hair Romance 

12. Diagonal holiday ribbon braids

Princess Hairstyles 

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