DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations for a Romantic Home!

Infuse your living space with love using our DIY Valentine’s Day decorations! Discover creative ideas to add a romantic touch to your home, from heartwarming crafts to intimate decor elements. Whether you’re celebrating with a partner or creating a self-love haven, these DIY projects will turn your space into a cozy and romantic retreat.

String art photo holder

string art photo holder

Wood slice photo frame

wood slice photo frame

Twig frame

rustic twig frame.

 Button picture frame

button picture frame.

Felt heart trees

Lolly Jane

Candy heart XO letters

Carrie Elle

XO glitter letters

Tip Junkie

LOVE yarn letters

My Sister’s Suitcase

LOVE marquee letters

Love Grows Wild

Twig monograms

twig monogram.

Wooden LOVE sign

wooden LOVE sign.

Heart candle

heart candle.

Sparkling candle

make a sparkling candle

Heart mason jar candle holder

heart mason jar candle holder.

Macrame-wrapped mason jar candle holder

macrame-wrapped mason jar candle holder

Concrete heart candle holder

concrete heart candle holder

Alternative concrete heart candle holder

alternate concrete heart candle holder.

Concrete heart-shaped decorative sticks for flowerpots

concrete heart-shaped decorative sticks for flowerpots.

Concrete heart with roses

concrete heart with roses.

Paper flower balls

paper flower ball.

Beaded heart

beaded heart from our website.

Cement heart curtain weights

cement heart curtain weights.

Heart-shaped melted crayons

Princess Pinky Girl

Dessert kabobs

dessert kabobs

Floral ice bowl

floral ice bowl

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