12 Amazing DIY Leg Warmers

Leg warmers look especially great with boots – that’s the trend of the season. Below you’ll find several tutorials how to make a pair of leg warmers – simple and more difficult in crafting, with embellishments and without any, enjoy and begin crafting some for yourself!

1. Single shaped button sweater leg warmers

Fireflies and Jellybeans

2. Triple button sweater sleeve leg warmers

Show Me Cute

3. Grommet denim and ribbon leg warmers

Minnekota Living

4. No sew, extra long, multi button leg warmers

La Vie DIY

5. Leg warmers from jacket sleeves

Bonzai Aphrodite

6. Old school ankle charm leg warmers


7. Faux fur boot topper leg warmers


8. Kids’ leg warmers from old tights


8. Kids’ leg warmers from old tights


10. Long crochet leg warmers

Cottage Art Creations

11. Funky patterned fabric leg warmers

Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mom

12. DIY slouched denim leg warmers

Lookbook outlines the simple process of making precisely that!

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