12 Amazing Rock Collection Crafts

Rocks are all around us… Just begging to be picked up, played with and learned from! First up are some rock crafts, then rock play activities, and rock science. Just don’t steal them from your neighbor’s yard 😉

Story Stones

Artful Parent

Alphabet Rocks

Hello Wonderful.

Tic Tac Toe Rocks

Balancing Home

Mandala Stones

Colorful Crafts

Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

Lisa Yang Jewelry

Rock Magnets

Alisa Burke

Crochet Rocks

Purl Soho

Rock Bookends

Kayla Is a Machine.

Wall Art

Bored Art

Garden Markers

One Good Thing by Jillee

Rock Cactus

Salt and Pepper Moms

Rock Fishbowl

Decor Craze.

Painted Paperweight

Kezhan Myself.

Rock and Candle Centerpieces


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