12 DIY Knitted Boot Cuffs

Knitters have an advantage when it comes to fall weather because they’re used to making cozy things. Lately, one of the most stylish knitted accents you’ll see around is a set of cuffed boot toppers.

1. Rebekah’s boot cuffs

Have You Met My Cats

2. Garter and stockinette boot cuffs

Wake and Whimsy.

3. Owl boot cuffs

Fox Bom.

4. Julia boot cuffs

Pepperberry Knits

5. Leafy boot cuffs

Sleake Knits

6. Hurricane boot cuffs

Knit Grit

7. Teddy bear boot toppers with pom pom ears


8. Lace boot cuffs

Rainbow Warrior

9. XOXO Cable boot cuffs

Lewis Knits

10. Layered lace boot cuffs with buttons and cables

Pattern Duchess.

11. Twisted boot cuffs

Rainbow Warrior.

12. Woven boot cuffs

Misty Frost.

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