12 Unique DIY Trinket Shelves

Get ready to gain all the storage potential — whether you want floating shelves, rope shelves, or A-frame ones, you’ll find something you love on this list.

1. Letterpress drawer trinket shelf

Texas Craft House

2. Cutlery tray trinket shelf

Lizzie Woodman

3. DIY wooden honeycomb shelves

Essentially Erika

4. Dollar tree V’s floating wood shelf

Jay Munee DIY

5. DIY slat wall trinket shelf

The Merry Thought.

6. DIY wall mounted plywood shelves

Home Made Modern

7. DIY string and wood floating shelves

Why Don’t You Make Me

8. Simple DIY wooden floating shelf

Disheveled to Delightful.

9. Even simpler changeable hexagon shelves

Making Lemonade

10. Dollar store picture frame turned trinket shelf

Hanna Watkins DIY

11. Toilet paper roll leaning trinket shelf

Red Ted Art

12. DIY wooden triangle shelves


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