13 Awesome Flower Embroidery Patterns

All of these are perfect for teaching you how to embroider and you can use the patterns to create so many beautiful things.

1. Autumn Silver Birch Tree

autumn silver birch tree embroidery pattern kit

2. Garden Roses & Sunflowers

diy hand embroidery pattern

3. More Garden Roses + Digital Tutorial

hand embroidery garden roses

4. Folk Bees

folk bees embroidery pattern. Within this kit you’ll receive

5. Blue Koi Fish

blue koi fish

6. Rainbow Spiral Embroidery

rainbow spiral embroidery

7. Rainbouquet Digital Pattern

rainbouquet digital pattern

8. Wildflower Bouquet Embroidery

wildflower bouquet embroidery

9. Creative Flowers & Herbs Embroidery

creative flowers & herbs embroidery

10. Spring Honey Floral Wreath

spring honey floral wreath

11. Lilac & Cherry Blossom Embroidery

lilac and cherry blossom embroidery

12. Oh For F**ks Sake!

oh for f**cks sake!

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