13 Cool DIY Indoor Garden Ideas

Whether you’re into florals, leafy greens, or succulents, we’ve got a list of clever DIY hacks that will have your home looking like charming greenhouse in no time.

Herb Garden:

Image: columbusima

Teapot Garden:

Image: darmo.xyz

Old Bulb Garden:

Image: woohome

Indoor Herb Garden:

Image: brookenotonadiet

Tin Can Garden:

Image: decoria.xyz

Indoor Teapot Planter:

Image: viralcreek

Tea Cup Succulent Garden:

Image: homedit

Herb Planter:

Image: tabipara

Vertical Garden:

Image: homedeco.design

Bottle Planters:

Image: naturespath

Concrete Planters:

Image: darmo.xyz

Pallet Garden:

Image: palletfurnitureplans

DIY Water Garden:

Image: purehome

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