13 Sparkling Diamond Crafts to Brighten Your Day

This curated collection of projects invites you to explore the luxurious and dazzling world of diamonds through DIY crafts. Whether you’re looking to craft jewelry, home decor, or artistic installations, each project is designed to incorporate the mesmerizing beauty of diamonds in an accessible and fun way. Ideal for crafters of all skill levels, these projects provide step-by-step instructions and tips for working with diamond-like materials to achieve professional-looking results. Discover how to enhance everyday items with the sophistication and glamour of diamonds, making everything from simple accessories to elaborate decorations that truly shine. Get ready to transform the ordinary into extraordinary with these captivating diamond crafts

1. Origami Diamond Boxes 

Paper Kawaii

2. Geometric Diamond Ornament 

Ash and Crafts

3. Paper Diamonds 

Hungry Heart

4. Diamond Soap 

A Beautiful Mess.

5. Diamond Mobile 

Sugar & Cloth‘s

6. Chic Black Diamond Himmeli

Pinja Colada!

7. Diamond Wall Art

Molly Josefin

8. Diamond String Art 

The Things She Makes

9. Diamond Donuts 


10. Diamond Garland 

The Flair Exchange!

11. Tissue Paper Diamonds 

Lovely Indeed!

12. Triangle Diamond Collage


13. Diamond Necklace 

Oh The Lovely Things

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