14 Amazing DIY Snow Globes

These DIY snow globe ideas capture the magic of the season and can be as personalized as you desire. Try to experiment with different vignettes and materials to get the best result.

1. Simple photo snow globe

The Best Ideas for Kids

2. Mini jars and winter toy snow globes

Crazy Little Projects

3. DIY fish bowl snow globe


4. Coca Cola Christmas ad inspired snow globe cupcakes


5. Snow globe terrarium

Pink Pistachio

6. Vintage salt and pepper shaker snow globes

Our Hopeful Home

7. DIY illuminated snow globe in a jar

Bitz & Giggles

8. Cute DIY snow globe magnets

Hallmark Channel

9. Frozen inspired snow globe rings

Ashlee Marie.

10. Snow globe necklace

The 36th Avenue

11. Differing sizes salt shaker snow globe set

Pleasure in Simple Things

12. Wine glass snow globes


13. Kid-friendly wine glass snow globes with plastic glasses

Crafts Unleashed

14. Waterless jar lid and glitter snow globe ornaments

Alpha Mom

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