14 Amazing DIY Wine Cork Projects

These aren’t just your average crafting projects, these are some of the prettiest and most useful DIY wine cork projects we could find on the web. Don’t believe me? Prepare to have your mind blown!

1. Cork candles

A Subtle Revelry

2. Cork embroidery necklace


3. DIY wine cork cheese knives


4. Easy DIY cork trivet

Reuse, Grow, Enjoy

5. DIY wine cork backsplash

Create Craft Love

6. DIY floating cork keychains


7. DIY iPad case from cork and a t-shirt

Creme de la Craft

8. DIY cork pencil holder

Design for Mankind

9. DIY cork birdhouse

Magpie & Fox

10. DIY painted cork coasters

A Pretty Fix.

11. Thrifty DIY cork vases

Design Improvised!

12. DIY cork picture frame matte

Plaster & Disaster

13. Wine cork bath mat


14. DIY wine cork chandelier

Mox & Fodder

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