14 Amazing Garbanzo Bean Recipes

The good-for-you canned bean gets dinner done.

The good-for-you canned bean gets dinner done.

1. Wild rice and black garbanzo beans

Framed Recipes.

2. Swiss chard with garbanzo beans

The Ktchn

3. Italian garbanzo bean salad

Chelsea’s Messy Apron

4. Italian garbanzo bean soup

Vegan Heaven

5. Fresh garbanzo beans

Shockingly Delicious.

6. Roasted chicken breast with tomatoes and garbanzo beans


7. Spicy sauteed garbanzo beans with beef and cilantro

Kalyn’s Kitchen

8. Tuna and garbanzo bean salad


9. Middle Eastern chickpea and black bean salad

Ambitious Kitchen

10. Cauliflower chickpea curry

Simply Recipes

11. Spicy roasted chickpeas


12. Garbanzo bean pasta sauce

The Recipe Wench

13. Vegan jalapeno chickpea mac and cheese

Cotter Crunch

14. Lemon garbanzo bean poundcake

Healing Cuisine by Elise!

15. Garbanzo bean chocolate coconut cake

Veronika Eats

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