14 Amazing DIY Stained Glass Ideas

These are all perfect for adding some color to your garden area. Stained glass is actually much easier to make than you may think and it really does give you some beautiful indoor and outdoor décor. For this collection, I’m focusing on all outdoor pieces.

1. Have you any old bicycle tire rims lying around your house? Turn them into these gorgeous DIY stained glass garden spinner:

Tutorial: fleamarketgardening.org

2. Give that ugly old table a new life by adding a mosaic stained glass top:

Tutorial: instructables.com

3. Stained glass does well in decorating tabletop smaller planters and highlight your plants and succulents:

Image via: etsy.com (but it is sold out).

4. It creates incredible beauty when the sunshine goes through this garden sculpture crafted from stained glass and driftwood:

Image via: louisevdurham.com

5. Add a touch of magic to your window by an incredible art installation with stained glass pyramids:

6. With rich colors and patterns, stained glass blends brilliantly with the rustic feel of these copper lanterns:

7. Keep the books in their place with stained glass bookends that are a decoration themself:

8. These stunning stained glass succulents can stay green forever and do not need any maintenance:

Image via: etsy.com

9. Stained glass can be a decorative element to turn a bland window into a stunning window:

10. It is an excellent way to transform a boring wooden fence into an eye-catching garden feature:

11. Create a stained glass panel for a special kitchen window. Imagine how much brighter and cheerier your kitchen could be:

12. Hanging stained glass window panels not only are a beautiful decoration, but they also add extra privacy while you’re relaxing on a porch chair:

Image via:  1      2

13. Create some gorgeous porch décor with these lovely stained glass wind chimes:

14. Tree of life stained glass window:

Image via: acrylart.ca

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