15 Amazing DIY Side Table Ideas

So, what’s the piece we’ve been looking forward to challenging ourselves with lately, you ask? Well, we could really use a new side table and perhaps a new bedside table stand, and we’re convinced that we can make them ourselves!

1. DIY wire side table


2. Simple wooden side table

Not Just a  Housewife

3. DIY vintage record side table

The Flourishing Abode

4. DIY step-up side table

Ana White.

5. Vinyl strip martini table

Matsutake Blog

6. Industrial side table


7. Upcycled wooden door to side table

Kim Werker

8. DIY rustic log slice table


9. DIY copper tubing table

Design Sponge

10. Rustic square bedside table from recycled wood


11. DIY pallet table

Love Stitched is actually more of a coffee table size than a side table, but their basic steps are still very helpful to see and adjusting things to accommodate a smaller size of pallet of a side table sized finished product won’t be difficult.

12. Upside down flower pot and tray table

Thrifty and Chic

13. Wire basket and table top

Apartment Therapy used a copper wire waste paper basket flipped upside down as a table base for a rounded table top. We love this design that leaves the copper metal exposed, but you could also paint all kinds of combinations for your basket base and round top!

14. Spray painted upside down trash can side table

The Crafting Chick

15. Geometric copper side table

Home Depot

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