14 Best DIY Shoe Racks

Shoes go on the shoe rack! Here are a bunch of my favorite DIY shoe rack ideas I found in my search for an organized home.

1. Bench and shoe basket storage

Trey and Lucy

2. Crown moulding shoe rack

A Little Clever and Catchy

3. DIY shoe hangers

Hey Wanderer

4. DIY wooden wall peg shoe organizer

Sawdust Girl!

5. Space saving cardboard triangle shoe rack

A Piece of Rainbow

6. DIY wooden crate shoe rack

Live From Julie’s House

7. DIY hallway command centre and shoe baskets

Our House Now a Home

8. Repurposed paint bucket shoe holders

Crafty Nester

9. DIY pallet shoe rack

Pallet List.

10. PVC pipe shoe rack

Apartment Therapy

11. Dresser to multi-height shoe rack


12. Customized shelf to a DIY shoe rack

Specific Love Creations

13. DIY industrial pipe shoe rack

Two Feet First

14. IKEA shelf hack to homemade shoe rack


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