14 DIY Rag Doll Tutorials

Just in case you’d like to join us in our doll making adventures, here are 15 awesomely adorable rag doll patterns that will be super fun to both look at, play with, or give away as gifts when you’re all finished!

1. Traditional DIY rag doll

A Beautiful Mess teaches you how to make the doll herself, some clothing for her to wear, and also how to use thick, untwisted yarn to give her an adorable, fluffy hair-do too.

2. Cute kawaii rag doll

Missy Balance!

3. Yarn haired rag doll


4. Felt dolls with buns


5. DIY Raggedy Ann doll


6. Topsy Turvy dolls

Shiny Happy World‘s

7. Bunny rag doll

Stitched by Crystal

8. Little sock dolls

Hands 4 Made.

9. Fabric Matyroshka doll

Cut Out and Keep‘s

10. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas


11. Mini Babushka plushie

Cut Out and Keep

12. Fabric Princess Jellyfish doll


13. Swaddled baby rag dolls

Becca Marie Designs!

14. Pregnant mama doll

Sew Sisters!

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