14 DIY Toothbrushes Projects

In an effort to reduce waste and not have to put a damp toothbrush in a plastic bag (ick) I made a diy toothbrush travel wrap instead! (I didn’t know what else to call it, a toothbrush burrito maybe? lol)

1. DIY toothbrush bracelets

Awesome Ideas

2. Upcycled toothbrush wall hook


3. Toothbrush and broken jewelry brooch


4. Rainbow toothbrush painting

The Pinterested Parent

5. Toothbrush printed winter tree painting

Crafts on Sea

6. Liquid chalk and toothbrush sidewalk painting

Glued To My Crafts

7. Toothbrush painted Easter eggs

Art Bar

8. Electric toothbrush painting

Busy Mommy Media

9. Use a toothbrush to remove crayon from walls


10. Washcloth travel roll for toothbrushes

Whimsy Love.

11. Kid-friendly toothbrush handle from popsicle sticks

Upcycled Wonders

12. DIY toothbrush rug

Rag Rug cafe

13. Watercolour paint splattering with a toothbrush

My Bluprint

14. Glittery toothbrush timers

Easy DIY Crafts‘s

15. Toothbrush stylus


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