14 Easy DIY Life Hacks To Save Time

I’ll usually try out these tactics for a while and then do my best to assess whether or not it’s actually saving me money and whether or not it’s affecting my life in a positive or negative (or neutral) way.

1. Recycled soda box soup can organizer

Then She Made

2. Toilet paper roll seed pots


3. Ice cube and cutlery tray organizers

Amelie Barbeau

4. Shower caddy for car fluids

DIY Craft Project.

5. Shoe rack as a snack holder

Organizing Home Life

6. PVC pipe bike rack

Kids Activities Blog

7. Dish rack filer


8. Toddler’s winter leggings from women’s knee socks

DIY Craft Project

9. Cell phone charging holder from an empty lotion bottle

Martha Stewart .

10. Doorknob towel hangers

Sublime Decor

11. Shower hangers for car rides

Happy Chappy Brands

12. Storage baskets as fridge organizers

Cheer Crank

13. Dollar store magazine organizers for paper dishes in the RV

Organizing Made Fun

14. PVC pipe towel hanger behind the door

Tips for Women

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