14 Tasty Valentine’s Day Cupcake Ideas

Cupcakes may be the centerpiece on your dessert table, but make sure you round out your holiday spread with other Valentine’s Day desserts, including brownies, cookies, and other easy-to-make treats. The more sweets, the better!

1. Heart shaped raspberry beet Valentine’s Day cupcakes

Cooking on The Weekends!

2. Iced cutout cupcakes

Lady Behind the Curtain

3. Hugs and kisses cupcakes

Simply Southern Mom

4. Candy topped Rice Krispy treat cupcakes

Life, Love, and Sugar

5. Brownie heart cupcakes

Martha Stewart

6. Strawberry M&Ms cupcakes

Scrappy Greek

7. Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes

Cake and Allie

8. Red hot cupcakes

Sweet Pennies From Heaven

9. Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes

A Turtle’s Life for Me

10. Dark chocolate cupcakes with red velvet frosting and chocolate quotes

A Spicy Perspective.

11. Pink velvet cupcakes

I Heart Naptime.

12. Strawberry banana cupcakes

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

13. Bleeding heart cupcakes

Frosted Petticoat

14. Chocolate ganache cupcakes with cherry buttercream frosting and maraschino cherries

Live, Love, Texas

15. Nuts for you cupcakes

Cupcakes Projects

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