15 Amazing Old Playing Card Crafts

Check out these 15 crafting opportunities that repurpose playing cards into all kinds of awesome things.

1. Playing card party invites

Mark Montano

2. Playing card floral birthday card

The Craft Project

3. Game night card bunting

My Crafty Adventures

4. Upcycled CD playing card holder


5. Hearts cards Valentine banner

Green Owl Crafts

6. Playing card popsicle sticks

Fun Family Crafts

7. Playing card game night place card

My Crafty Adventures.

8. Playing card Valentines

Mommy Savers

9. Scattered card headpiece

Addicted to Beauty

10. Playing card bottle cap wine tags

Crafts Unleashed

11. “52 Reasons” complement book

IKEA Decora

12. Playing card cutlery jar

My Crafty Adventures

13. Playing card hooked rug

Craft Institute

14. Alice in Wonderland Cardsmen

Elizabeth Breton.

15. Woven loom playing cards

Tangle Crafts.

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