15 Awesome DIY Chapstick Recipes

Check out these 15 awesome and totally natural DIY chapstick recipes, flavours, and ideas that will help you get through the rest of winter without dryness or cracking!

1. Bottle cap lip balm pot

Are you less concerned with the ingredients of your chapstick because you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities, but you’re really into the idea of creating a unqiue gloss of your own that you probably won’t find in stores? Then check out how Autostraddle created this kitschy little chapstick case from some simple bottle caps and a piece of elastic band!

2. 2-ingredient Crystal Light lip balm

Love You Madly teaches you how to make simple chapstick from two simple ingredients: petroleum jelly and Crystal Light! Yes, you read that correctly. You can give new life to a regular jelly lip soother just by adding a little bit of Crystal Light drink mix powder. Mixing the two together makes a lip gloss full of both flavour and colour!

3. Homemade birthday cake lip balm

Do you love the idea of making natural lip gloss but you’re still keen on having it look cute in the pot and smell good when you use it? Have your favourite lip gloss recipes always been those that smell sweet or like baked goods rather than the ones that smell like fruit? Then this scrumptious birthday cake recipe from Soap Deli News is the one for you!

4. DIY flavoured lip gloss

Do you like the idea of creating tinted chapstick but you’d rather not do it with drink mix because you have allergies to food dyes? Then try using natural powdered makeup, like shadow pigments and blushes, to dye your gloss instead! The Girl Inspired shows you how to mix the perfect amount with beeswax, coconut oil, and peppermint oil for fragrance.

5. Swirled lip balm

Have you always loved the kind of lip gloss that contains more than one colour? After all, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun novelty, especially when you’re making something custom yourself! Check out the steps for making your own dual coloured swirl in a pot of natural ingredient lip gloss on Rustic Escentuals Crafting Library.

6. Coconut oil lip balm

Are you intent on finding a recipe that’s as natural as possible and ultra easy to make? Then stick to the basics! If you ask us, the best natural ingredient for a lip gloss is coconut oil and Free People happen to agree. They show you how to make a chapstick that combines it with beeswax to give it a little more lasting power than the oil would have all on its own.

7. Mint chocolate lip balm

If you’re anything like us, then you’re a bit of a sucker for a flavoured lip gloss that smells just like your favourite treats. We’re particularly fond of gloss recipes that involve chocolate, mint, or chocolate and mint together! Food Plus Words has just the recipe you’ll need to make yourself a chapstick that you’ll be tempted to eat as a snack.

8. Pink tinted lip balm

Maybe all you’re looking for in your homemade lip balm is moisture and a bit of colour to give your lips a light tint? Then check out how Delia Creates made this awesome gloss using your actual shade of favourite lipstick. It’ll be just like your favourite shade from your favourite brand, but with more moisturizing power.

9. Sparkly strawberry lip balm

Maybe you’re pleased to find recipes that will give you moisture and even a little bit of a pink tinge, but you’re looking for something with a little more dazzle? Just because you’re making your own chapstick doesn’t mean it can’t have all the features of the store bought stuff! Check out how Torie Jayne added a little sparkle to their homemade gloss.

10. Wedding lip balm favours

Are you so in love with the homemade lip gloss recipe you picked that you can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world? Then you might like this cute wedding or party favour idea featured on Something Turquoise. If you haven’t found a recipe you like already, theirs is simple and friendly to people with allergies, so feel free to follow theirs!

11. Kool-Aid lip balm

Were you interested in the idea of using simple powdered drink packets to flavour and tint a homemade lip gloss but you just don’t happen to have a taste for Crystal Light? Get a little simpler with things by grabbing the nearest pack of Kool-Aid instead! That’s exactly what Style Me Pretty did here.

12. Hemp and honey gloss

Perhaps you’re very into the idea of making a natural homemade lip gloss that really does feel, smell, and seem just that- natural? Then we think you’ll be a pretty big fan of Garden Therapy‘s hemp and honey gloss idea! Including honey is an extra bonus because it’s got antibacterial properties, making it very healing if your lips are already dry and cracked before you get it finished.

13. Peppermint lip balm

We’ve already told you how much we love sweet and chocolate gloss recipes, but we actually have another favourite flavour that we might love even more. We always find peppermint refreshing, cooling, and healing in a chapstick and it smells good too! That’s why Beautylish‘s peppermint gloss recipe, conveniently stored in an old Altoid tin, caught our eye.

14. Coconut rose lip balm

Did you really enjoy the sounds of the natural coconut oil recipe we were talking about earlier, but you still feel like you wouldn’t mind at least a little bit of scent, as long as it’s very natural? Then rose petals might be the missing link for you! They give off a subtle, sweet scent that’s not overwhelming but really refreshes things. My Baking Addiction shows you how to include them in your recipe in a beautiful way.

15. Coconut oil vanilla lip balm

Have you always found the smell of pure coconut oil just a little bit similar to the smell of vanilla? We have too! Since you have control over the recipe you choose, why not enhance that vanilla quality by actually adding vanilla into the mix? Radiant Life shows you how to do it in a quanity that’s pleasant rather than overwhelming or too sweet.

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