15 Trendy DIY Blouses And Alterations

If you’re as interested in making and altering your own blouses as we were, here are 15 of the best and most helpful DIY blouse tutorials we’ve found so far!

1. Crossed and tied silk blouse

Mood Sewing Network

2. Shoulder cutout cropped blouses

Z’s Beauty Ideas

3. Loose chiffon boxy blouse


4. One-shoulder ruffle blouse

Sewing Rabbit

5. Collared t-shirt to lace trimmed blouse


6. Classic tailored blouse from scratch

Mimi G Style.

7. DIY cozy square top blouse


8. Ruffle neck top

How Joyful

9. Lace and ribbon corset top

Love Maegan.

10. Dress to blouse refashioning

Alligator Toe

11. Oversized collared shirt to necktie blouse

Extra Petite

12. T-shirt to casual peplum blouse

Love Maegan

13. Laced capped sleeve blouse adjustment


14. Men’s shirt to lace backed sleeveless blouse

Carissa Knits

15. DIY lace peasant blouse

Trash to Couture

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