16 Amazing DIY Clothespins Ideas

My grandmother used to hung the laundry out to dry with clothespins, some of you may also use them for that or some other purpose. Let’s check these ideas out and draw some inspiration. Enjoy and have fun!

Pencil Holder:

Image: diy-enthusiasts

Clothespin Organizing:

Image: myblessedlife.net

Clothespin Magnet Gift Set:

Image: tipjunkie

Clothespin Bowl:

Image: myblessedlife.net

Bunny Clothespin Bracelet:

Image: chicacircle

Clothespin Airplane:

Image: myblessedlife.net

Crocodile Wooden Floor Decoration:

Image: upcycled-wonders

Yellow Cock From Clothespins:

Image: upcycled-wonders

Clothespin Dolls:

Image: parentmap

Kissing Couples Made With Clothespin:

Image: recyclart.org

Design & DIY Magazine:

Image: pinterest

Clothespin Backdrop:

Image: tipjunkie

Merry & Bright Holiday Clothespins:

Image: lisarukinswift

Candle Holder:

Image: ourpeacefulplanet

Decoupage Clothespin Clips:

Image: woojr

Clothespin Memo Holder:

Image: countryliving

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