17 DIY Cactus Craft Ideas

Check out all the ways you can incorporate cactus decor into your home, without having to tend to the actual plant!

DIY Cactus From Pebbles:

Image: tumblr

Cactus Pin Cushion:

Image: mysocalledcraftylife

Cactus Pinatas:

Image: ohhappyday

Crochet Cactus:

Image: hopefulhoney

Cactus Pincushion:

Image: ravelry

Cacti Planter:

Image: abeautifulmess

Stein Cactus: DIY

Image: diy-trend.de

DIY Cactus Pillows:

Image: everythingemilyblog

Painted Rock Cactus Plants:

Image: lilblueboo

Easy-Sew DIY Felt Cactus Tutorial:

Image: alanajonesmann

Felt Cactus Craft Kit:

Image: craftyarts.co.uk

Wire Cactus:

Image: mrkate

Giant Paper Mache Cactus:

Image: pillarboxblue

Cactus Centerpiece:

Image: dcgirlinpearls

Rock Cactus Craft:

Image: easypeasyandfun

Rock Cactus In Cute Pots:

Image: pinterest

Pineapple Lawn Bowing:

Image: tribalwaters

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