20+ Adorable Crochet Knitted Owl Patterns

Crochet also the owl dolls for new baby girl dollhouse, the rainbow nesting owl amigurumi that will make an epic present for an owl fan and also crochet granny squares that can be put together for a various owl themed fashion accessories like baby dresses, rugs, crochet blanket or afghans!

1. Crochet Acorn Owl Poncho

[Paid pattern from Etsy]

2. Crochet Woolly Owl Hat

Guys at Ravelry have the free pattern

3. Crochet owl slippers

We have the free cute crochet owl slippers pattern available for you.

4. Knitted Silly Creatures Pants

Paid pattern from Etsy

5. Crochet Owl Purse

Free pattern by Bigcraftyblog

6. Crochet Owl skirt

Guys at irarott have a paid pattern for this skirt.

7. Crochet owl hat

Adorable crochet owl hat available from WD.

8. Crochet owl pants

Another one from irarott – will set you off ~ $9.

9. Crochet Owl Basket

10. Crochet Owl Cushion

11. Crochet owl ornaments

12. Crochet owl purse

13. Crochet ball owl

Get ready to spend a Lincoln if you like any of the four, above: from ZoomYummy

14. Crochet baby owl hat

Available with a free pattern from Bhookedcrochet

15. Crochet Owl Mittens

We have the free pattern, here on WD.

16. Crochet  Hooty Owl Coasters

Folks at Ravelry, have the free pattern.

17. Crochet Bonbon the owl

For the Bonbon owl check this.

18. Crochet Snot Owl Tissue Box Cover

Again, free from Ravelry

19. Crochet Little Owl TP Keeper

20. Crochet little baby owl

Crochet-little baby owl with FREE PATTERN

21. Crochet Austin Owl Amigurumi

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