20+ Awesome Hanging Wall Vases

A collection of handmade hanging wall vases are beautiful, one of a kind, easy to make, and would look sweet as can be hanging in any room of the house.

1. Woven Rustic Basket With Spindly Twigs

Source: eviscountrysnippets.blogspot.com

. Blooming Flowers to Welcome Your Guests

Source: theafdemfarmhouse.com

3. Gratitude Planter With Flowers and Thanks

4. Garden Flower Buckets With Rustic Charm

Source: carolinapinecountrystore.com

5. Uniquely Vertical Wood Pallet Planter

Source: lilyardor.com

6. Farmhouse Shutter Planter With Recycled Materials

Source: mylifeonkayderosscreek.com

7. White Night Flowers of Purity and Innocence

Source: rusticandwoven.com

8. Hanging Herb Garden With Wooden Boxes

Source: repurposeandupcycle.com

9. Recycled Buckets and Wooden Pallets

Source: simplestylings.com

10. Trendy Wall Planters In Geometric Shapes

Source: lanaredstudio.com

11. Planter Fun: Do the Can-Can

12. Tasteful Terracotta in a Tender Display

Source: fallfordiy.com

13. Hanging by a Thread: The Planter Version

Source: adelightsomelife.com

14. Shabby Chic Wall Vases With Wooden Backdrop

Source: jennakateathome.com

15. Adorable and Affordable Miniature Bubble Planters

Hanging bubbles can be used for all kinds of home and office decoration, and if you add a little dirt into the mix, they can become planters as well. Best of all, they won’t cost a lot of money to create or maintain. They’ll fit into your budget just like they fit onto your walls.

16. Hanging Mason Jar Vases for Crafty Fun

Source: notjustahousewife.net

17. Beautifully Overflowing Wooden Hexagon Planters

18. Homemade Windmill Planters for Artists and Designers

Source: stacyturnercreations.com

19. Transparent Tube Planters for Effortless Cool

Source: bonniechristine.com

20. Rural Decor: Calling All Country Folks

Source: carterandrose.com

21. One Small Step for Plants

Source: apieceofrainbow.com

22. Simple and Elegant Clear Bottle Vase Planters

Source: homeroad.net

23. Beautiful Hanging Glass Wall Planter

Source: petticoatjunktion.com

24. Minimalist Wall Decorations With Plant Life

Source: passionshake.com

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